12 Ways Millennials Are Redefining Relationships and Dating, for Better or for Worse

By Krystal Brown

In the yesteryears, exchanging pleasantry often leads to relationships with no complex connotation attached to them. Nowadays, millennials have explored various ways to work out and redefine relationships, placing them at the jaw of high-level concepts we’ve never heard of before. Below are the ways millennials are redefining relationships and dating 

Friends with Benefit

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Not much is being said about the astonishing unattached relationships that are becoming rampant among the millennials. While there are incremental changes in the attitudes of millennials toward relationships and dating, which skew their preferences for staying single, most of them also prefer being in a relationship that doesn’t involve any emotional attachment to the other person. Friend with benefit is a concept among the millennials in the United States who only share sexual commitment without any form of commitment. This type of relationship primarily works between two people who are often tired of the committed relationship but can’t stay out of the bodily urge. 

Casual Hookup 

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A casual hookup is a short form and one-time form of relationship where millennials, either male or female, accidentally meet someone in a club or restaurant, find him or her attractive, and end up in bed. Usually, casual hookup requires inducement from the person who instigates the relationship instead of the emotional connection that might ensue. Millenials nowadays created this avenue as a shield away from being heartbroken. However, some millennials tagged this type of relationship as a total waste of time and not honorable enough to engage in. But the statistics say otherwise. American Psychological Association estimated that 60 to 80 percent of millennials, especially college students, engage in hookup culture. 

Live in Relationship 

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The live-in relationship culture took America by storm and has persisted in our society since then. This type of midway relationship is where one partner emotionally depends on the other person. Millennials who believe in love have coined live connections to enjoy an independent life while at the same time staying away from the life of marriage and eliminating the unwanted family drama that ensues. However, live-in relationships sometimes lead to them getting married. 

Changing Role Reversal 

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There is a new changing landscape among women, where they have started taking charge of things mainly attributed to men. The changing role is another paradigm shift in how household chores and other amenities are handled. Millennials are increasingly leveraging this concept to change the status quo, where men of the family are saddled with the responsibility of bringing home earned money, and women take care of the housekeeping. 

Adoption / No Children Culture 

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A changing perspective about adoption and no child culture is becoming rampant among the Millennials in the United States. Over 33% of millennials in America think of adoption and fall into the no-children culture. This is a growing trend that adoption is a form of uplifting, and many couples also choose to have no children at all. Millennials have carved out this redefining mechanism to stay happy and comfortable with their partners by finding means that best suit their interests. 

Slow Commitment Time 

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Millennials in America prioritize career and personal growth over branding total blow commitment to relationships. This starkly contrasts the traditional approach and sometimes all-out ways of the past generations who are in haste to settle down. The hustle and bustle of this present era requires the need for considerate attention to one’s personal growth financially and professionally. Millennials have seen various instances where being cautious about commitment has paid off compared to others. 

Online Dating Incursion 

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The advent of technology is a game changer among the millennials who have embraced it in revolutionizing their dating game. Online dating sites like Tinder, OkCupid, Bumble, and some popular social media platforms have expanded the dating pool and introduced newness into relationships. According to Statista’s April survey, the data shows that around 49 percent of US millennials are using online dating sites to explore and set up connections. 

Long Distance Relationship 

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Long distance relationship is a romantic and intimate relationship that constitutes more than 25 to 50 percent of all relationships among the millennials. The rise of social media and other technological advancements have made this one of the redefining means millennials handle relationships. Although there might be some differences, such as trust and communication issues, this doesn’t negate the seamless leveraging of this type of relationship for their good. 

Ghosting and Benching 

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Ghosting and benching are emotionally hurtful dating behaviors that most millennials have been wielding to redefine relationships. Most people have heard about this phenomenon but are inundated by what it means. Ghosting is an act of sudden silence from the man or woman where no more calls, no texts, no response, or any action of communication. Benching is when the other gender keeps someone on the back burner, as a contingency option, or on the sideline. These are tricky prepositions that have been induced by digital communication. 

Delayed Marriage 

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According to a Pew Research Center report, Millennials in America have threaded the path of delayed marriage, with more than a quarter having never been married. The trend of delayed marriage prevalent among millennials has been decades in the making. These trends can be traced to their prioritization of common goals and their effort to carve another form of relationship that follows today’s American reality. Millennials have enthusiastically prioritized another facet of their life to committed relationships. 

Fluid Sexual Orientation 

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Gone are the days when people were scared of identifying with who they are attracted to and who they have sex with. The land is changing, with millennials nowadays gleefully describing their sexual orientations widely regardless of how the outside world perceives it. Nearly 1 in 5 millennials boast about being differently sexually oriented compared to the conventional ways. This change can be explained through the prism of variation in their millennial identity label that fits their personality. 

Grass is Greener Syndrome

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Nowadays, millennials are not scared of dumpling their current relationships to get a better proposition elsewhere. This is a changing scope being normalized in this new world of America. His fear of missing out on the next best relationship is a common trend that has created a path for a total overhaul of the relationship scope, unlike before.

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