12 OUTDATED Millennial Trends That Should Be Left in the Past

By Krystal Brown

Embarking on a transformative shift, we bid farewell to 12 outdated millennial trends, embracing the evolution of our cultural landscape.

Not Being Able to Take a Joke

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There is a long-running belief that millennials take themselves too seriously. While some millennials do appreciate humor, it is often on their terms. People think that a millennial’s unique sense of humor means they are happy to joke about others but when younger generations say something to them they become overly sensitive.

Complaining About Gen Z

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Millennials are forever complaining about “kids these days” on social media, even heading to TikTok rather than sticking to their beloved Facebook. Millennials seem unduly angry at Gen Z fashion trends, lifestyle choices, and interests and people are sick of it. It has come to the point that some Gen Z refuse to be around millennials when they don’t need to be as there as they are anticipating a lecture.

Repeating the Same Mistake as Previous Generations

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Boomers are renowned for frowning upon their younger generations, complaining about their attitudes, lack of respect, clothing styles, and everything else in between. There was hope that Millennials would be the better generation and stop hating other generations but it seems they are just as good as complaining when they should be embracing what younger generations have to give.

“Not Dating”

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People are constantly asking what Millennials gain from insisting that they are not dating. It seems that so many millennials are spending 95% of their time with their partner, including staying at their apartment with all of their belongings there but they are still not in a relationship.

Thinking They Are Experts on Everything

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Millennials always have to be right. Whether they are correcting Boomers on things that they are experts on or trying to make out to Gen X that they will always be better than them. The element of pretentiousness that is in a millennial’s nature is grating on younger generations who are begging them to stop acting like they know it all.

Having A Poor Work/Life Balance

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Millennials work very hard but often they work too hard as they cannot let up on the pressure that they put themselves through. Highly motivated to succeed, millennials will work 12-hour days, go to the gym, get all of their chores done, and still try to meet up with their friends and families so people don’t feel let down. If anyone is at risk of burnout it’s the millennials.

Side Hustling

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Millennials are the experts at side hustling as everything they do and other generations are over it. While thinking that they can make a quick buck, millennials are spending their time living out the capitalist’s dream. For some younger generations, they are struggling to hold down one job yet they see millennials in a well-paid job but still feel the need to earn extra money and rub people’s noses in.

Selling People Things They Don’t Need

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Millennials are always starting up another podcast or investing in a new business idea but other generations are getting sick of having the same ideas forced upon them. There are a lot of amazing business ideas that come from millennials but they need to slow down and let some of the younger generations in.

Being Self-Important

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Whether it be boosting up their CV, telling everyone who will listen how many countries they have traveled to, or insisting on calling the people they work with clients. The need to feel important is something that millennials cannot get away from no matter how much Gen X tells them to stop.

Being Obsessed by Personality Traits

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From Jung’s four temperaments to what Hogwarts house they are in, millennials love putting themselves into boxes defined by personality tests. Millennials are one Buzzfeed quiz away from giving up their whole life for a new one living as an eco-warrior in a remote part of Africa as that is what the quiz said.

Being Obsessed with Their Mental Health

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It is great that most generations are talking about their mental health but millennials take it a step too far when they tell everyone who will listen about how long they have been having CBT and add their acute anxiety diagnosis to their dating profile. While millennials gain sympathy from other generations when their mental health is suffering they are urged not to be so cringe about it.

Being Hypocritical

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Millennials will harp on young generations for using plastic coffee cups or buying too much disposable fashion but then they will fly around the world on several holidays a year. It is great that millennials are helping to educate others on various matters, especially when it comes to the environment but others wish they could be more honest about the things that they need to improve on themselves.

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