12 Types Of Men You Want To Avoid At All Costs

By Krystal Brown

Unveiling the intricacies of modern relationships, this article dissects twelve common archetypes of men that can hinder healthy partnerships, providing insights into fostering understanding, communication, and intimacy for a more harmonious and enriching shared journey.

The Mama’s Boy

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He will first pamper you like a queen and be sweet. However, you’ll quickly realize that you’re not the only lady in his life.

Their mother-son relationship is almost toxic. Every day, they talk on the phone. She continues to prepare his meals, clean up after him, bring him groceries, and see to it that the “Money Fairy” visits him occasionally.

She is his go-to source for guidance on everything. She continues to call him by his childhood name, Pookie, Silly Bear, or any other ridiculous baby name that makes you want to puke in your mouth. She will always be the standard by which you are measured, and you will never quite measure up.

The Arrogant Man

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He has a great sense of humor, is attractive, and exudes confidence. Confidence and arrogance get often confused. A self-assured man wouldn’t act or think like Mr. Arrogant does. He believes he is superior to you. He is superior to everyone. The person in the mirror is his closest buddy. He just has fake acquaintances and no real friends. He is a smug know-it-all who insults people in front of them and cracks jokes about them. He must also outdo every of your narrative because why not, he’s always the best!

The Always Judging Man

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This man reminds me of a vampire. You will become weary of hearing him moan, criticize, and judge all the time. He observes people intently, waiting for them to make a mistake. They may be using their dinner fork to eat salad, driving a Prius, or wearing white jeans after Labor Day—it doesn’t matter what it is. This man must find something to base his entire argument on.

The I-Know-It-All Man

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This man is unwilling to compromise or meet midway in a relationship and hates change. You might feel trapped and dissatisfied in the relationship if he sticks to his routine and isn’t willing to explore new things.

The “Clean-Up-After-Me” Man

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Dating this person might seem like you’re caring for a second child. He doesn’t take ownership of his messes and wants you to pick up after him, which is frustrating and unjust.

The Guy Who’s Always Looking For A Deal

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Being cautious with your money is a good thing, but this guy goes too far. He’s constantly seeking deals and freebies, which may give you the impression that he cares more about his wallet than your relationship.

The Man Who Says, “I’m-Not-A-Phone-Person”

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Talking is essential in every relationship, but this guy continually comes up with reasons to put off calls or texts. It may leave you feeling underappreciated and detached as if he doesn’t want to take the time to get to know you.

One Who Disapproves Of Your Friends

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A guy may be trying to control you if he attempts to keep you separate from your friends or doesn’t like how you interact with others. It’s crucial to be with a spouse that respects and supports your friendships.

The Person Who Isn’t Sure What He Wants in a Partner

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There is ambiguity and inconsistent behavior in the relationship since this person appears unclear about what he wants. You deserve someone in your life who regards you as a partner and is honest about their goals.

One Who Constantly Watches Sports

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Hobbies are great, but this guy may spend all of his time and energy on sports, leaving little time or attention for your relationship to develop. Finding a balance that enables both spouses to pursue their passions while still fostering their relationship is crucial.

The Spying Spider-Man

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As the name implies, it is an undercover agent that works full-time on your relationship’s behalf. He wants to monitor everything, hear everything, and know everything you are doing. He keeps an eye on everything you do since harm might come from any place. He keeps track of every detail about your relationship in a little notebook that he uses to record the dates and times of your outings, phone conversations, and text messages. He is a solid lie detector, acting as both a judge and a party, so you must undergo questioning at least once daily. But don’t worry—again, this is for the relationship’s benefit.

The Narcissist Man

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He is the one squabbling with you over the mirror. For him, being his own biggest fan is more than enough. Instead of looking at you, he spends a lot of time preparing himself, experimenting with different creams, and styling his hair. He also believes that he is the ideal representation of beauty. He also keeps a very low profile and avoids modeling—not because he hasn’t received a contract, but rather because he doesn’t want to provoke anyone’s jealousy.

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