Men Think These 12 Things Are Cool but They’re Actually Really Annoying

By Krystal Brown

Sometimes men cannot see when they are being annoying as we see from these things that they think are cool but actually aren’t. 

Putting Down Women

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In a bid to make the woman that they are dating feel special, men will put down other women, which they think is a good thing. Women want a man who is respectful to all women as this shows they can be trusted and will treat them well. 

Make a Joke of Everything

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A man with a good sense of humor is great but there comes a time when it is best to leave the jokes behind and be supportive. Some men think it can be funny to plaster over any pain or discomfort but they are not cool when they don’t read the room. Slow down on the number of jokes you are making and you may actually look cool. 

Boasting About Fights

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Macho men think it is cool to talk about how many fights they have had and won and how strong they are compared to others. While men who brag about how strong they are may win points from their buddies it will not do much for their reputation with women. 

Bragging About Money

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If there is one thing that is worse than a man bragging about how strong he is it is bragging about how rich they are. If a man tells a woman how much money he earns in the first 10 minutes of meeting her, it is not a good sign. 

Being an Alpha

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Men who think they are alphas and try to make out that they are better than everyone else all of the time are far from cool. Whether it be always trying to win at sports games, coming out the best in drinking games, or putting down women in front of their friends, alphas need to do some serious work on being less annoying. 

Sharing Photos of Their Girlfriends

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Men who think that it is ok to share intimate photographs of the women they are dating are completely unacceptable yet they seem to think it is a good thing. Sharing images without consent is a huge red flag in a relationship and the sooner men realize that the better. 

Putting Down Other Men

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We have talked about men putting down women but they also think it is cool to put down other men. Toxic masculinity is not cool and no matter how much a man needs to prove his masculinity, he doesn’t.

Being Aloof

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A man who thinks that he needs to show that he is serious and will play hard to get thinks he is being cool. For the people watching on, being aloof is not attractive, it is annoying. People want others to be warm and genuine, not cold and dishonest, something many men need to learn. If there is one thing that can make a man look cool it is when they smile a genuine smile. 

Comparing Women

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When you overhear conversations between men and they are busy comparing women it is very annoying. To think that it is ok to talk about women as if they are simply a possession that they can pick and choose from is insulting and very uncool. Women like to be seen for their beauty and talent and not when they are compared to others, especially when it is their ex-girlfriend. 

Talking About How Much They Like to Party

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Some men think that when they party hard the whole world wants to hear about it. On the contrary, people having to listen all day long about how many shots they drank last night and what top nightclubs they have attended is tedious. Even worse is when men think that partying with women a lot younger than themselves is cool when it is creepy. 

Correcting People All of the Time

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Men who think it is cool to correct people, especially women, when they do or say something wrong, is not impressive to anyone. Mansplaining is insensitive and very infuriating. It is ok for people to get things wrong or take time to work things out so there is no need for men to step in. Sometimes men will try to out-compete each other with their knowledge of a subject and will put each other down or make other people out to be dumb to look better. 

Drinking Too Much

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Another way that men think they can act cool is by drinking heavily. A man who thinks that drinking enough beer to fill a tank and following up with shots is a cool thing to do. The more alcohol that he can handle, the better they are in their eyes. In the eyes of people who have to deal with the mess, however, this behavior is cringeworthy. 

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