Men Reveal12 Phrases They Are Sick of Hearing From Women!

By Krystal Brown

According to responses from an online forum, the following are the most common phrases men are sick of hearing from women.

Are You Even Paying Attention To Me?

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One commenter said, “Even though I’ve been paying attention, every muscle in my body screams me to say no every time somebody says this to me.”

Even though I’ve always been a good listener, my partner always comments on it when I’m working online or relaxing by playing video games.

You Couldn’t Control Me

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This is a tactic used by women to dismiss men. One user admitted, “I’ve flirted with a few women who said this because they weren’t eager to go on a date.

“I probably don’t want to control you if I ask you out; instead, I want to take you out and give you a wonderful time. Give me at least a chance.”

Be a Man

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I detest when ladies make such comments to me. Many women complain about longing for an emotionally invested partner, yet when they open up, they criticize and say things like this. My weakness somehow invalidates my classification as a guy.”

Don’t Stress Over It

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“I always worry whenever somebody says, ‘Don’t worry about it,'” someone remarked. Because of my high level of anxiety, every time someone says anything like this, I end up overanalyzing it for days or even weeks.

How Come You’re Still Single?

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“How on earth are you still single? Hearing it always makes me feel so sad. I make an effort to be the kind of guy that women want to love.” He further added, “I take pride in my feminist principles and respect for women.

“While I have tried, I haven’t always had the best luck. I’ve spoken to a lot of women who have said this to me before ignoring me. I’m not sure why I’m single, but I’m sure you won’t tell me in a week.”

We Have To Talk

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No man wants to hear those four words. “The talk can go in a lot of different directions, but none are positive.”

You never know if she’s going to dump you, if she’s cheating on you if you got caught lying, or if she has some sort of suspicion. I never came away from those chats with anything beneficial.

I’m Ok

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One admitted, “I’m Okay is my least preferred English phrase. English is not my first language so always assume that when a woman uses the word okay, she means that everything is good. 

I didn’t learn about the difference from my pals until I transferred to an American university. I realized why I was constantly dumped by my American girlfriends.


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“This kind of answer comes off as passive-aggressive. I often hit “K” to respond quickly, but I had a nasty girlfriend who did it whenever she didn’t get her way,” another individual said.

“At first, I didn’t understand what she meant, but then she started yelling at me whenever I refused to admit that something was wrong. You shouldn’t only send one letter to someone to let them know something is wrong.

I Guess

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One user replied, “When I ask a yes-or-no question, I expect a straightforward response. “For instance, my friends always give me a yes or no response when I ask them where they want to eat.

On the other hand, when I ask my date if she wants to go anywhere, she won’t say. She used to respond to most questions with “I guess” when we initially began dating. Even so, it wasn’t until we had been dating for close to eight months that I realized it meant it wasn’t what she desired.

Go Ahead and Do Anything You Want

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“This phrase always gives me so much anxiety,” one user admitted. I can’t always do the exact thing, and at times I had just wanted to hang out with friends.”

“I don’t know why it always has to turn into a heated discussion. This is the phrase my girlfriend uses to manipulate me into staying at home with her. It was the absolute worst.”

You Don’t Know How I Feel

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“Hey, this is our fifth month together, and even though I can’t boast of knowing all about you, I know I am not that dumb to not know how you feel.”

“This phrase always comes off as insulting and unempathetic. I never like it when my girl uses it on me,” a user lamented.


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“I always get hurt when my partner uses this annoying word when she wants to end a discussion. It is not only annoying, it is insulting as well”, someone lamented.

“I understand she may be pissed, but I wish she would just be more open to keeping the conversation going till we reach a compromise rather than shutting me out totally.”

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