10 Things Men Admit They Will Never Understand About Women

By Krystal Brown

This article will explore 10 attributes associated with women that men struggle to understand. Since, both men and women experience life in unique ways, we will illuminate the complexities that can exist within male-female dynamics.

Why Bra Cost So Much 

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It is quite baffling why a piece of cloth mostly hidden under women’s clothes would cost a fortune. Some men try to pin that on its uses and importance. Still, it doesn’t warrant how much women spend on bras. An average woman spends around $10 to $200 on a single high-quality bra and can buy more than three at a time. It isn’t very unclear why they care so much about bras. To demystify this whole issue for men, women see bras as a status symbol and sign of feminity. Therefore, they have to spend so much on well-fitting bras.

Why Women Have So Many Pillows on the Couch 

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There is a gap in men’s and women’s preferences regarding putting so many pillows on the couch. Men are generally more comfortable with fewer pillows. The idea of having so many pillows on the sofa is common in a women’s living room. The reason why they do this sounds like a mystery to men who fail to understand why women have so many pillows on the couch. Our findings revealed that this might be due to their body shape, size, and preference. Even some ladies use pillows for mere aesthetics to create a more cozy and inviting space. 

Why They Need Another Dress or Shoe When They Have One That Looks Like It 

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Men have had a hard time understanding why women would get a dress or shoe that looks exactly like the one they have in their wardrobe. It’s a weird and funny attitude. Men and women have contrasting views on fashion. What might look like a duplicate to men is what women see as a new style and avenue to try out the latest cut and details. Men are more stoic in their fashion sense, so it’s hard to understand all the little details about women’s dresses and shoes. Additionally, women have many occasions to grace; in most cases, they are judged by what they wear. Therefore they need to get a wide variety of dresses and shoes even if they have one that looks exactly like in their wardrobe. 

Why It Takes Time to Do Makeup

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The concept of makeup generally is a conundrum for men. Other than the beautification purposes, men see no other reason why a piece of face glam would take time. Typically, men see  makeup as just using powder to rub the face, which should only take a few minutes. The makeup process has been refined, and it takes a lot of iteration and time to get the desired look. Women also use makeup to cover up blemishes, enhance their beauty, and express themselves to conform to social norms. These are the fact that men are not seeing. Men only see the end product and think it should take a little time. 

The Difference Between Leggings and Tights 

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It’s a head-turner for men who have to understand the difference between leggings and tights. Leggings and tight have the same fits on women’s bodies, making the terms have some kind of obscure relatedness that is so blurry in comprehension. Women use them interchangeably. As a result, it is harder for men to understand the difference between the two. However, a closer look at its uses can shed more light. Leggings are the casual option, while tight is for a more formal and dressy one. Another best way to pick them apart is through cultural fit. In the United state, leggings are mostly worn by athletes, while it is worn as casual clothing in the United Kingdom. 

Why Do Women Always Have Cold Feet 

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What is a common experience with women complaining of cold feet while their body temperature is normal? This is puzzling for men to understand, and It’s even beyond medical explanation. Some basic understandings of this complex stereotype include cold, genetics, lifestyle, etc. None of the causes is true; even women have no idea why they have cold feet, which shows how tough it is for men to understand why. 

How They Do the Towel Head Wrap 

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Men admit to the beauty of towel head wrap. But it’s puzzling for men to understand how women do it. The technique of doing towel head wrap by women is not instinctive. Some men admit to have tried wrapping it as well. Of course, the common failure among men to understand how it’s done has turned it into a tricky concept that they see no use for other than a mere feminine grooming ritual. Women have mastered the art of making towel head wraps and enjoy the experience it beckons. Towel head wrap helps absorb the hair from water and also helps prevent hair from getting tangled.

Why They Take So Long to Get Ready 

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Regardless of the urgent outing, women will surely take so long to get ready. Men have given up on this for a long and even admit they will never understand why women do so. Many things contribute to this habit in women. One is the cultural expectation that women must put more effort into their appearance. Therefore, they have to apply makeup, style their hair, choose the best dress, and others. Another reason is that some women have curly hair that requires time to wash, style, and dry. Getting ready is a daily routine for both men and women. Still, men trying to project their quick-fire kind of getting ready on women also aided the concept of not getting why women take so long to get ready. 

Girl Drama 

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Women are emotional specimens, which seems daunting for men to understand. Girl drama can be likened to playing according to movie scripts. For instance, we all know that the best mode of communication is to be more straightforward, but women tend to go the indirect route by trying to communicate using cues and hints. This is a highly dramatic style of doing things men find hard to comprehend. 

Why They Ask if They Look Fat in an Outfit 

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The chance your woman will ask if she looks fat in an outfit is as high as you drinking water in the next couple of minutes. No man seems to understand why they are so critical about their body. The disparity in the ideal body image of men and women makes this question so difficult for men to answer. Taking a cue from the social conviction of how women should look. Society has set an unrealistic beauty standard imposed on them. Therefore women are prone to ask if they look fat in an outfit to fit the societal beauty standard. 

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