Meltdown at Christmas: How a Fake Key Turned a Joyous Occasion Into a Family Crisis

By Emma Williams

A wife gives her mother-in-law a fake copy of her house keys, proceeding to expose her over Christmas dinner.


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She married her husband a year ago. After getting married she realized that her husband’s mother was very snoopy. Her in-laws tell her that it’s just the way her mother-in-law is.

New Home

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The couple ended up purchasing a new home. After getting set up, her mother-in-law kept pushing them to give her a copy of the house key. Claiming it was for “emergency” reasons.

Lack Of Boundaries

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Her husband didn’t think that this was a big deal. However, her mother-in-law would never announce when she was coming over. She also wouldn’t knock and instead walk right in when she had a key to their old apartment.

Fake Key

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Instead of giving into her mother-in-law’s demands she gave her a fake key. Passing it off as a real one when she hand delivered it to her. Her mother-in-law gave her a smug look thinking she’d won.

Christmas Dinner

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A few days had gone by and that was when Christmas dinner happened. Her mother-in-law during the dinner angrily “called her out” after finding out the key was fake.

Broken Promises

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Her mother-in-law shamed her in front of the family for being defensive and not giving her a real key. She asked her mother-in-law how she found out since she had promised not to use it if it wasn’t an emergency. She told her it was because she tried to come over a few days prior at 4 when she and her husband weren’t home.

Laughing Stock

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When she called her mother-in-law out about her behavior most of the family began to stare at her. Some even laughed in her face. Her mother-in-law got red in the face out of embarrassment.


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Her mother-in-law got up from her seat rushing out of the room. Going into the kitchen where she had a huge meltdown. Her angry comments got so loud that she suspected the neighbors must’ve heard.


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Her husband and his sister both started to give her looks. When they left the dinner and got into the car her husband went off on her. Saying that she had lied and manipulated his mother as a way to humiliate her on purpose.


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They had an argument. He demanded she give his mother an apology for acting childish. Saying she ruined Christmas dinner for the whole family.


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There was no update to her situation. However, readers grew concerned as she did respond to some comments telling them about her husband’s behavior. Concerned that he gaslit her and brushed away her concerns about wanting privacy from his mom.

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