Reluctant Beau: Refusing to Host at Girlfriend’s Home Due to Decor Dilemma

By Emma Williams

In a recent post online a 32 year old man sought advice after a disagreement with his 29-year-old girlfriend regarding her home decor choices. Despite the hiccup, their year-long relationship is described as seemingly perfect. The man paints a delightful picture, expressing his admiration for his girlfriend’s intelligence and humor, highlighting the strong connection they share.

His Girlfriend Is Almost Perfect

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While he had a lot of great things to say about his girlfriend, the man said that due to her “quirky” nature, her choice of home decor is “bizarre.” He explained to readers that her home is not what a “normal, grown adult” would be into. He said that her apartment is “definitely a reflection of herself and interests,” but not in the best way.

A Wall Dedicated to Animation

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To give readers a picture of his GF’s apartment, he said there is one wall dedicated to her favorite animations, such as Futurama and “some weird triangle guy.” There is also a wall dedicated to framed insects, spiders, and beetles that have been preserved. Her bathroom has an ocean theme, but instead of shells and starfish, she has a vampire squid painting and framed diagrams of Goblin sharks. 

Her Home Furnishings are “OK”

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According to the OP, the furniture itself is “OK,” and the apartment has a classy and modern aesthetic. His main problem is the “random decor” and childish art, such as cartoons and insects. He finds the decor in his GF’s house so bad that he avoids bringing friends to her place, especially people he works with. 

Friends Have Been Disappointed When They Have Visited

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The OP explained that while people are usually impressed when they observe the outside of her apartment, their mood changes as soon as they are inside. He recalled that he once took a friend over to his GF’s house, and they admitted to being terrified of her insect wall. 

First Impressions Count

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The man seemed concerned about what impression people would get of his girlfriend and, subsequently, what they think of him if they saw her quirky decor. Things came to a head recently when it was the OP’s turn to host people for food and drinks, but his apartment was being renovated. He has been staying with his GF, so she suggested they host his colleagues at her place. 

He Decided to Skip His Rotation

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As you will probably guess, inviting friends to his girlfriend’s house did not sit well with him. He told his girlfriend he would skip his turn to host but did not explain why until she pushed him on the subject. Feeling brave, he finally told her that he found her decor “strange” and “ not something a grown woman would have.” He reasoned with her that the last time he had someone over, they were “horrified” at the insects. 

Angry Words Were Spoken

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As expected, his girlfriend was unhappy and told him that as it was her space, she could do what she wanted as it “brings her joy.” She also insisted that she was an adult, hence why she has the autonomy to decorate how she likes. The man stressed that he loves his girlfriend and that it is OK to have different interests.

His Mom Had Questions

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Talking to his mom about the dispute, she suggested she may be autistic after seeing the decor herself. Asking readers if he needed to be for what he said, he ended by asking if there was a need for adults to decorate to such an extent. 

How Are Children Decorating Their Home These Days?

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There were many questions from Reddit fans, but none more urgent than the person who queried the logic of children decorating their homes in the style of the OP’s girlfriend. They said, “What age children usually have preserved tarantulas and vampire squids as home decor?”. Others liked this post and agreed, “It might be expensive decor for children to afford.” There were lots of people who shared that they would love to be brave enough to have decor like his girlfriend. 

The Future Looks Bleak

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There were many calls for the girlfriend to ditch the OP, as many predicted that he is not 100% accepting of his girlfriend. Another said, “I guarantee you if he does think about living with her, he’s expecting her to ‘grow up’ and get rid of her collections.” The resounding feeling among readers was that the couple is not meant to be together and is likely to be incompatible in many other areas of their lives. 

Ultimately, as one reader put it, the idea that adults need to give up on things they like because it’s not “mature” is a dumb one. 

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