Man Scolds Girlfriend for Eating Two Chicken Burgers in One Night Then Tells Her She Is the One Overreacting

By Emma Williams

A young man posted on Reddit’s Am I The A*hole subreddit seeking advice about a situation he was having with his girlfriend, Allie. He said that they had recently moved in together and that he loved her very much, but that he found many of her habits very annoying. This had led to them getting into an argument. Is he wrong?

She Does Not Cook

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The bad habits that he lists include her not liking cooking, which is not too much of an issue as he likes to cook. The poster (OP) told readers that since he does most of the cooking, he decided it was only fair that she does all of the dishes. To give the story context, he explained that the couple both work shifts, with him working night shifts and Aliie working both day and night shifts.

His Girlfriend Was off Work Sick

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The OP explained that Allie was currently off work due to a concussion and had been at home while he was working. The man got really annoyed when he discovered that while he was working, his girlfriend made herself some food and did not tell him that he could eat the leftovers when he got home the following day. 

She Dared to Eat Two Chicken Burgers

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The OP also told readers that his girlfriend ate a chicken burger two days in a row, which he told her was excessive. He told her that she shouldn’t eat the same thing too often, and when she said that he needed to eat easy food because of her concussion, he dismissed her. He went on to explain that she always snacks on random foods, such as cereal from the box.

The Fruit Loops Were Nearly Empty

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On seeing her eating Fruit Loops from a nearly empty bag that she had recently bought, he took the bag away from her. Allie got mad at him for putting the cereal away, but he continued to scold her by telling her that cereal was expensive and she shouldn’t eat it in that way. Eating frozen fruit is also wrong in his eyes, especially when she eats it two days in a row. 

His Girlfriend Does Not Help Him

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The OP said he asked Allie to help him unpack his boxes once his shifts were over, but she never did, as she claims she is tired after being up all day. When Allie does help unpack the boxes, she does it wrong, according to the OP, as she opens boxes when she should be unpacking the much-needed kitchen boxes. 

Things Came to a Head

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When Allie announced that she was going to the store, the OP put his foot down and said she should not be going to the store as there were still boxes to unpack. After unpacking some of the boxes, Allie said she had a headache and stopped, yet got upset that there were still unpacked boxes that the OP could have been working on while she was concussed. 

He Was Accused of Being Controlling

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Allie got very mad at the OP, accusing him of being controlling. The OP responded by saying that she was overreacting, as all he was doing was making sure that his girlfriend ate well and that they shared the chores. He finished his post by bringing up his girlfriend’s gripe about him being on nights, which means that she has to take care of their dogs all day. 

Readers Detected His Controlling Behavior

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It will not come as much of a surprise that readers were quick to pick up on the OP’s controlling behavior. One person said that the OP was totally the A**hole, saying, “I decided she has to do dishes,” “I took this stuff out of her hands,” “I’m waiting for her to help me unpack my stuff,” “I told her what she should and shouldn’t eat and when and how often.”

Misogynistic Behavior

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Other readers were quick to agree that the man was definitely displaying worrying behavior. One person said, “Misogynists and sexists are easily one of my biggest pet peeves. This is a dude who clearly is just like, “I’m the man; I’m in charge here,” and I can’t stand that.”

People Plead for Allie to Get Out

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Readers agreed that the poster was the a**hole in this situation and begged Allie to leave the relationship. One reader said, “Allie needs to STOP unpacking and get out of this “relationship.” You cannot dictate unilaterally what she should eat (same food multiple days in a row, insane! dry cereal, criminal!).” 

It is hard to disagree with the majority of Reddit users who could not believe that the poster actually thought he may have been right in his actions. 

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