Man Expects His Guests to Change Their Clothes Before Sitting on His Furniture and Wonders Why People Find It Strange

By Emma Williams

A house-proud young man asked Reddit’s Am I an A**hole (AITA) to see if he was wrong to ask his guests to change their clothes before sitting on his furniture. The 20-year-old told readers he was elegant and grew up in a “pristine home” due to his conscientious mother. He recalls helping out his mother for “as long as I can remember.”

He Was Excited to Move Into a New Home

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Having recently moved into his own home, the man immediately started worrying about germs entering the house. He said he constantly changes his clothing when he gets home, but his guests have yet to do the same. When guests arrive at his home, he can’t help but worry about what germs have been tracked into the house. 

Raincoats Were The Answer

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The man came up with the idea of buying disposable raincoats, which we presume were the kind that people wear at theme parks for his guests to wear. He told readers that he told guests they could bring a fresh change of clothes so the raincoats were in case of emergency. Lots of reader’s imaginations started to run wild as they imagined his mom and sister sitting in a raincoat sipping on a cup of tea. 

He Offered a Free Laundry Service

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Going a step further, the man went on to say that he offers to wash the clothes people have changed out of while visiting. One person entirely on board with the man’s idea is his girlfriend, who is happy to change and get her laundry done. His mom and sister have also indicated they are “okay” with his new rules. 

His Friend Could Not Believe What They Were Hearing

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All appeared to be going well until he invited a friend to come over, and they replied, “You’ve got to be kidding with me,” as they were so surprised by his request. When the man texted his friend to say that he was being serious, he was met with silence. Since the initial discussion, the friends have not spoken, and all of the OP’s messages have been left unanswered. 

His Mom Tried to Talk to Him

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After being ghosted by his friend he turned to his mom for support. Looking to his mom for support, she told him his request was “excessive and unreasonable.” Expecting everybody to get changed whenever they want to sit on his furniture is not what people expect when they visit someone and is not the norm for many people. 

Readers Suggested He Needed Therapy

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Readers were concerned about the man’s psychological status, with many insisting that he sees a therapist. One person said, “I sincerely think you would benefit from professional help,” and another gave personal insight when they said, “As someone with OCD, emphasis on gentle YTA, but also emphasis on therapy.” We can only hope that reading comments such as these promoted the man to access medical support. 

He Needs to Think of His Guests

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While people acknowledged possible underlying mental health issues, they pleaded with the man to think of others. One reader said he “had to do it in the way that causes the most inconvenience to his guests and makes it clear that he regards them as sources of contamination.” This behavior was too much for many people to accept, and they stressed they would not change their clothes either. 

People Offered Up Solutions

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There was a lot of empathy for the man and many practical solutions to the problem he was experiencing. One person asked, “Wouldn’t it be easier to get large throw blankets over the sofa when guests come? This seems like a great idea, as he could wash the blankets after people leave while he works through therapy. 

Follow in Grandma’s Footsteps

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One comical reader joked that the man should “ just go 80s grandma style and cover all the furniture in clear plastic?” While this does seem excessive, another person gave a more reasonable tip when they said, “I have furniture covers on my couches and chairs; they’re cloth and stretchy. You can buy them for less than $20 online.”

There Was One Big Question 

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Curious Reddit readers wondered how this man behaves when he is visiting others. One person was “so intrigued as to if OP takes a change of clothes when he visits other homes!” This was a good question, but some people joked that it was doubtful that the man would be invited anywhere. 

While the thread did create a lot of jokes, it also offered great advice for the man, and there is hope that he gets the support he needs and that he doesn’t have a sofa full of people looking like it’s about to rain inside.  

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