Man Expected to Offer Free Childcare So He Walked Out of Her Sister’s Wedding

By Emma Williams

A man caused a stir when he walked out of her sister’s wedding after he was expected to offer free childcare. Talking on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole (AITA), the 31-year-old told readers that his younger sister had been planning her wedding for a while, and she had a one-year-old baby by the time it took place. The man’s nephew “cries all of the time” and will not stop until he gets fresh air. 

The Man Missed the Pre-Wedding Get-Together

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The OP explained that he missed the get-together arranged for the night before the wedding as he was out of town. However, he did attend the wedding and the reception but wished that he hadn’t, by the sounds of things. Upon arriving at the wedding, the man was immediately asked to take the baby outside to calm him down, which was a sign of how the rest of the day would go. 

There Was No Sitter

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The OP asked his sister why she had not booked a sitter and was told that the happy couple could not afford to book someone due to the rising wedding costs. The man was understandably annoyed that he would miss the ceremony but was hounded by everyone saying he was selfish and should support his sister as it “ was her day.”

There Was a Huge List

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Feeling like he had to help, the OP asked when he would be needed and was presented with a huge list of the times he had to take the baby for air, which was practically all the important parts of the wedding. The OP would be missing out on his sister walking down the aisle, the couple saying their vows, readings, first kiss, etc., which he was not happy about. 

The Ceremony Would be On Videotape

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When realizing that he would only be present for 30 minutes, the man confronted his sister to tell her he did not want to miss out. The sister responded by telling him not to worry as he could watch the full ceremony on videotape. Wanting to watch his sister get married, he told her that someone else should watch the baby, but he was told to “just do it.”

The Man Was Really Mad

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The man was furious at his sister but felt he had to keep his anger inside. Things came to a head, however, when he was told he would have to take the baby outside during the reception and he would need feeding, too. Seeing this as the “final straw,” the man waited for his mom to hold the baby and then slipped out of the wedding. 

His Sister Was Not Happy

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The next day, the man got a call from his sister, who was screaming about how he had ruined her wedding and how his nephew would not stop crying. The man responded by telling her that she had treated him like a babysitter rather than a guest. The call was followed up by other family members telling him he was selfish and that they would be “ effectively disowned” if he did not apologize to his sister. 

There Could Have Been Another Solution

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AITA fans overwhelmingly support the OP, with one person pointing out that the day didn’t need to end the way it did. They asked, “Why couldn’t she rotate baby duty between family members? She basically implied you were the least important person to her at the wedding.”Some suggested that if she had asked the man and he said no, then she could have at least asked him for money to pay for a babysitter. 

There Was a Reason She Did Not Ask Him to Mind Her Baby

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Readers suggested that the woman did not plan and asked her brother if he could mind the baby, as she knew the answer would be no. One person said, “She didn’t ask beforehand because it meant he could say no and effectively not come at all, leaving her in the same situation.” 

Other Family Members Did Not Step In

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Many Reddit fans noticed a lack of support from other family members, with one saying, “Imagine the selfishness of every single one of them!” One person jokes, “When he gets married, he should say there isn’t enough funding for them to attend because he paid for a professional childminder for the young children coming.”

There Will be Trouble Ahead

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Some readers acknowledged the OP’s anger but stressed how much of a problem family life will be. They said,” There is going to be a huge problem with his family.” It was suggested that the rest of the family is making him the scapegoat as they feel guilty for not helping him take care of the crying baby. With the OP saying the child was difficult to manage, the other family members avoided stepping up to support him. 

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