Man Calls Out His Wife’s Obsession With Money in Front of Their Friends and Wonders Why She Is Mad

By Emma Williams

Expressing his frustrations on an online forum, a man shared his concerns about his wife, describing her as a ‘workaholic.’ The man, who is seven years her senior, detailed how his wife recently completed her master’s degree, financing her studies through her successful Etsy store. In contrast, he has been unemployed for the past three years after losing his job. 

His Wife Is Very Busy

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In addition to running an Etsy store, the original poster’s (OP) wife is writing a book she plans to self-publish. If this sounds impressive, he revealed that she has already published two books and has started a YouTube channel about true crime. He explained that she seems to spend all of her time writing or looking after her store, leaving little time for them to do things together. To do all of this on top of studying indicates that the OP’s wife certainly does like to look busy. 

It Is Not All Work and No Play

While the man’s wife is busy at work, she still makes room to do things to improve her well-being, including swimming three times per week. The OP insists that his wife’s schedule is “ridiculous,” things came to a head when he invited his friends over for a games and beer night. 

His Wife Doesn’t Like His Friends

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The man explained that he invited his friends over despite his wife not liking them but thought she would make an effort with the addition of his friend’s girlfriends. Things did not go to plan as his wife told him she had already planned on working as she was unaware he had invited people over. It seems as though the boyfriend’s night was not going to go how he expected. 

She Locked Herself in Her Room

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Rather than change her plans for the evening, the OP’s wife locked herself in her room for an evening of writing. Annoyed at his wife’s actions, he texted her to ask her to join the party, but she ignored all communication and continued with her work. You can just picture the awkwardness of his friends asking where his wife is and him having to tell them she has hidden herself away from them all. 

The Man Confronted His Wife in the Kitchen

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When his wife came into the kitchen, he confronted her to tell her that “ she’s a workaholic and money-obsessed,” loud enough for his friends to hear. Angered by being called out in front of people, she told him that she would not have to work excessively if he had not been in so much debt. 

His Wife Called Him Out

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The OP’s wife called him an a**hole, among other insults and went on to sleep in her office rather than in their bed. Still not talking, the man looked to his friends for support, with some agreeing that she was in the wrong as she was “stuck-up” and others siding with her for talking about their private business in public. 

He Insisted He Was Angry

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While admitting he should not have called his wife out in front of his friends, the OP stressed how angry he was, suggesting his actions were justified. Opening up to Reddit users, he asked people to shed light on his situation. The consensus was that he was indeed the a**hole, but there were mixed views. 

People Say He Needs to Get a Job

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One of the main points made in the comments was that he ought to try harder to get a new job. One user said, “How are you gonna ridicule your wife for being ambitious and working hard to clear YOUR debt and pay for YOUR costs too when you’re JOBLESS and contributing nothing financially!?” 

He Should Not Expect His Wife Pander to His Needs

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In addition to relying on his wife for support, a lot of people could not believe that he expected his wife to do what he said. Being sarcastic, one person said, “The poor thing has friends over with their wifes, does not inform his own wife beforehand, yet expects her to drop everything for him.“

Lots of Praise For His Wife

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There was a lot of love for the OP’s wife, with one reader commenting that “OP’s wife honestly sounds so interesting. I bet she has lots of knowledge and stories to share. “. Overall, there were calls for his wife to dump her “loser” husband or at least demand that he start to support himself. 

There was no update from the OP, so we hope he is busy trying to make it up to his wife and is searching for a job.

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