10 Behaviors of Single Men That Women Find CRINGE

By Krystal Brown

Single men, beware: here are the 10 cringeworthy things that are turning women off in the dating world.


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Single men are more likely to be insecure than men with partners. There is a chance they may not have been romantically involved with another woman for a while, so may have a negative view of their looks, personality, actions etc.

The problem for insecure men is this is not an attractive trait. Women would prefer a man who has more self-assuredness and emotional stability. Someone constantly needing to seek validation can be a drain. For insecure men out there, it’s important to fake confidence until it become a reality.


Lack of Ambition

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Another behavior that many single men show is a lack of ambition. Having some drive can be an attractive quality as it showcases your determination and goals. Women often love a man who is passionate about their pursuits.

If you don’t have any clear sense of direction in life, that can be a turn off for many women. She may equate that struggle with long-term planning into questioning a fulfilling future together. As a single man, show there is fire in your belly to achieve your dreams.


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Many men stay single as they are far to flaky. This means that they are unreliable, cancel plans, and show up late. These are bad behavior traits which can be an instant red flag with women and mean you may not get a first date, let alone a second.

Flakiness isn’t just about being unreliable. It goes much further than that, as it shows a lack of respect which would probably continue throughout the relationship. Making sure you never let her down can be a huge factor between being single or not.

Emotional Unavailability

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Single men also tend to be more emotionally unavailable. A lot of the time this isn’t their fault as they may have been hurt in the past and are putting barriers up to not be hurt again. While that may be understandable, it’s makes finding love much harder.

Being emotionally available to a woman will show to her that you can make a proper deep connection. They’ll want a man who can share their feelings and show her how much she means to him. While it can be difficult, many single men need to open up a little more.

Playing Mind Games

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Of course, women can do this too but it’s never a good idea. For some reason, people like to test each other and manipulate situations to see how interested the other person is. This can be as simple as not sending the first message, or as manipulative as pretending you’re in distress.

A healthy relationship will always be built on trust and authenticity. Playing mind games contradicts this. While being overly needy can also be a turn off, playing mind games can often be a good way to make a woman disinterested.


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It makes more sense for single people to be more negative. Their love life hasn’t worked out well for them so far and they may have some bad experiences. Even so, it’s important to remain optimistic about the future and don’t lose hope.

Being negative about the relationship or yourself is never going to play well. Neither is generally complaining about the world around you. A woman may see you as a huge energy drain and think that her time is better spent elsewhere.


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Neediness is another understandable behavioral trait. There is a delicate line to tread between not being emotionally unavailable but also not being too needy. Neediness makes sense as you’ve found a potential partner and are excited about the prospect of a relationship.

However, many women want to take things a little slower and may need a bit of room to breathe. As a man, it’s important to gauge her level of interest and know when to give her some space. Excessive neediness can be become suffocating and the constant need for attention can be exhausting.


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Single men can often come across as less mature than their partnered counterparts. Many women value maturity very highly as it showcases that you are responsible and able to handle challenges.

Immaturity isn’t about having a sense of humor, it’s about avoiding responsibility and not being accountable for your actions. If a woman sees a man as immature, then she’s unlikely to see a long-term relationship.

Overbearing Behavior

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This is similar to neediness but a little different. Being overbearing is having little respect for someone’s personal space and boundaries. Rather than being needy, this involves trying to control their partner’s actions and monitoring their every move.

An example would be not wanting her to go out with her friends as you fear that she’ll be looking at other men. As soon as a woman starts to feel like a potential partner is being overbearing, they’re likely to cut them off.

Financial Irresponsibility

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Single people are also more likely to be financially irresponsible. Women often appreciate a man who is able to budget effectively and plan for the future.

Single men are more likely to enjoy excessive spending, have gambling problems, and avoid any serious financial discussions. Many women will find this stressful and it’s another reason why a single man may stay single.