12 Male Actors Whose Movie Roles Were Just Eye Candy

By Krystal Brown

Sometimes male actors are in movies purely for their appeal. Here are the best examples!

Brad Pitt (Thelma & Louise)

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 There is no doubt that Brad Pitt is a talented actor and has been in many great roles. But in the movie, “Thelma & Louise”, he’s only considered eye candy and nothing more.

His character here is JD, a charismatic, charming, and handsome young drifter. His role wasn’t particularly deep or important to the plot, however, they used his good looks to draw more attention to the film. It’s fair to say he’s gone on to many bigger and better things.

Channing Tatum (Step Up)

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Channing Tatum’s presence in the film wasn’t really that important, though his character, Tyler Gage, did have some growth and depth at least.

Despite his role not being that challenging, Tatum’s good looks and notable dancing skills captured the attention of audiences. At the time many thought eye candy was all he’d ever be in films but over the last few years, he’s shown himself to be an excellent actor with fantastic comedic timing.

Robert Pattinson (Twilight Trilogy)

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While the film looks into the complex nature of his character Edward, his attractively brooding vampire persona played a huge element in drawing people to his character.

This influenced his status as a heartthrob in the franchise, even if Edward was a little boring, and other vampires seemed to have more character than him. As with Tatum, Pattinson has shown in recent years that his talents are much more than just good looks.

 Zac Efron (Baywatch)

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There are a lot of eye candy characters in “Baywatch” but Zac Efron is definitely one of them. He gets this title because of his charming appearance, handsome looks, and chiseled physique which embodies the physical fitness of a true lifeguard.

Although his character, Matt Brody, had more comedic aspects and some character development, you’ll notice that the film mostly displayed his looks. Baywatch wasn’t the only film where Zac Efron has been mostly eye candy either!

Ryan Gosling (Crazy, Stupid, Love)

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With gritty movies such as “Drive,” Ryan Gosling has long since proved his acting credentials. But there are still many roles where his dashingly handsome looks play an important part of the character and his role as Jacob Palmer in “Crazy, Stupid, Love” was one of them.

It’s a charismatic character with a stylish and suave persona, and couldn’t have been played by someone who wasn’t so attractive. But while he was eye candy, Gosling’s comedy acting in this movie was also brilliant.

6. Jamie Dornan (Fifty Shades)

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This is perhaps the best example of someone being eye candy in a film. This movie has grown popular because of its explicit content, and because of Dornan’s physical attractiveness and seductive portrayal, he became the primary element in the film.

With very little in the way of a plot, fans flocked to see the movie to pique their curiosity and fawn over some delicious eye candy.

Leonardo DiCaprio (The Beach)

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in “The Beach” is another great example of eye candy. Richard, his character, ends up going through moral and emotional dilemmas throughout the film, but other than that, his presence there was mostly for eye candy and appeal. 

His boyish charm and good looks meant he was eye candy in many of his early films, but he is now regarded as one of the best acting talents of his generation.

Harry Styles (Don’t Worry Darling)

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The film deliberately shows off his appeal and charm. Although his character is an integral element of the entire story, the film’s marketing and audience attention is focused on Style’s looks and presence.

His acting talent is debatable, but his huge army of fans was always going to watch any film that he was in.

Chris Hemsworth (Avengers)

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Let’s face it, there is no way this role could have been played by a slender and unattractive man. Given that Thor is a Greek god, the actor had to be amazing eye candy with an imposing muscular physique.

There are very few actors in the world who fit that bill, but Chris Hemsworth is one of them. To his credit, he showed that he was a lot more than just eye candy and turned Thor into an iconic character.

Ryan Reynolds (Blade: Trinity)

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In the movie, “Blade: Trinity”, Ryan Reynold’s charm, good looks, and humor were clearly on show. While his character, Hannibal King, brings all the action and comedy elements into the film, it’s his looks, wit, and charm that gain attention.

This is the reason why he’s considered mostly as eye-candy in the film. Although his acting was good and had a presence, most viewers focused on his looks and appeal.

Gerard Butler (300)

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It’s not often that an action film will equally appeal to both men and women but, “300” did exactly that.

At its heart was Gerard Butler who starred as King Leonidas. He’s featured as almost always shirtless and with a ripped physique. It was pure eye candy and helped the film become somewhat of a cult classic.

Matthew McConaughey (Magic Mike)

Image Credit: Shutterstock

Matthew McConaughey’s role as Dallas in the movie, “Magic Mike”, was considered an eye candy due to his seductive and charming portrayal.

Although the film explores more themes than just physical appearance, McConaughey’s provocative dancing and shirtless scenes became the main attractions of the film. As a result, he drew the attention of many admirers.

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