Unlocking Success: 14 High-Potential Careers Where Experience is Not Needed

By Krystal Brown

If you have little experience in working different jobs but you are looking for a well-paid career, take a look at these low-skill, high-paid jobs.

Lab Technician

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The only skills that you need to be a lab technician are abilities to pay attention, be organized, and be good at recording information. You will need your basic high school qualifications but everything else you can learn on the job from a team of talented researchers and technicians.

Research Assistant

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A research assistant is another great job if you want to learn on the job while assisting others. The job pays well as long as you can listen to the instructions of others and be attentive to the needs of the researcher. 

Human Resources Assistant

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A job in HR is very demanding but very rewarding as you support people in all aspects of their work. There are some qualifications that you will need to achieve but there are no specific prerequisites so it is a job most people can train in. You can start on entry-level pay and then work your way up as you gain more qualifications on the job. 


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A firefighter is a highly-skilled job that pays very well due to the nature of the role but you do not need specific skills to be enrolled in a program. You will need to be fit and healthy and willing to put in a lot of hard work but other than that you should be good to get started. 

Junior Graphic Designer 

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If you have dreams of being a graphic designer but did not take the subject at school then starting as a junior can be your entry into this career. You will need a natural flair for drawing and design but you will learn more detailed skills from senior designers while earning a good wage. 

Administrative Assistant

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If you are organized, pay attention to details, can take detailed notes, and are a good communicator then a career as an admin assistant is more lucrative than you think. A lot of people see admin assistants as doing menial jobs but in truth, they are the backbone of many businesses. 

IT Technician

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IT technicians are problem solvers and if you know your way around your computer then you can get a job as an IT technician and enjoy a good wage. If you do have high school qualifications they will come in handy but they are not necessarily and some of the best technicians have learned on the job. 

Policy Officer

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Like a firefighter, an entry-level police officer does not need any specific qualifications apart from a good all-around high school education. You will need to have good overall health and an ability to learn and you can start training. Pay will start above the national average with lots of opportunities to work your way up the ranks. 


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If you love reading and have good language skills then you can work as a proofreader. You will need to be diligent and organized but as long as you have an eye for detail you can earn good money reading books, articles, journals, and magazines for publishing companies and businesses. 

Claims Adjuster

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Claims adjusters work to guide insurance companies as to whether they should or should not process a claim. You will need great listening skills, observational skills, pay great attention to detail, and be a good communicator and you can begin a career that can pay up to $60,000 a year. 

Junior Recruiter

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Another junior role that pays well is a recruiter. The recruitment industry fluctuates but has a steady stream of work that pays well. You will need to be a great communicator and be great working with people but everything else can be learned on the job. 

Radiation Therapist

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Radiation therapists work to deliver medication prescribed to cancer patients which means operating machinery and delivering radiation. There are no specific skills but you do need to take care to manage the doses prescribed and follow the patient’s treatment plan.

Real Estate Agent

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Real estate agents are one of the best-paid professionals who do not need specific skills upon entering the career. If you have a passion for working with clients to secure their dream house then this is a career for you. You will be very active in your job and can often work long hours but the hard work and dedication will pay off. 

Sales Representatives

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Sales reps can earn big bucks as some companies will invest in people who have the passion and communication skills to elevate their brand. There are no specific qualifications needed and it is a job that you will get better at the more you sell which no amount of studying at a college can bring you. 

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