12 Low-Stress Jobs That Pay Well

By Krystal Brown

If you are looking for a job that pays well but you don’t want the stress, take a look at these high-pay, low-pressure careers. 

1. Statistician

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Statisticians can be paid $80,000+ on average but despite the high salary, the day-to-day work is relatively stress-free. Statisticians interpret data to make predictions to inform business decisions. Whether you work in a public organization or for a private company the work is relatively stress-free, especially if you are eventually able to work freelance. 

2. Copywriter

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Freelance copywriters can earn up to $60,000 on average as they are in high demand. Copywriters will create content for private and corporate businesses’ websites, print media, and social media. While there is a need to focus on the client’s brief, you can work on your own or in a small team and get on with your daily workload stress-free.

3. Tutor

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Being a private tutor means that you have a flexible timetable for working on the subject you love. With an average age of $40,000 with the opportunity to earn more depending on your skill level, you can work on your terms and enjoy helping others reach their potential. 

4. Therapist

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While the training to be a therapist is grueling once you are fully trained you will have a rewarding, well-paid career. Therapists can work with people of all ages to work through their mental health difficulties and emotional disorders. As you will be trained to deal with other people’s stresses you will be well-equipped to decrease your stress and understand when you may need counseling yourself. 

5. Dental Hygienist

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A dental hygienist can earn a good wage with little pressure day to day. The majority of dental hygienists’ role is to take preventative action and encourage good dental hygiene to their clients. When you enter a specialist density service you can look forward to your wages increasing and your stress decreasing. While a hygienist will not earn as much as a dentist but you can earn around $50,000 in private practices. 

6. Librarian

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Librarians can earn over £60,000 in one of the least stressful jobs there is. Organizing and distributing books, journals, and other academic resources and checking out books to fellow book lovers sounds like bliss, and with the right training, it could be your ideal career. You don’t necessarily need a degree but it is desirable given there is high demand for this calming career. 

7. Audiologist

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The average annual salary for an audiologist is $77,420 and the training is relatively stress-free if you are skilled. Working to assess and treat a range of hearing-related difficulties can be very rewarding and there are lots of research opportunities that can further your career. Audiologists find it particularly rewarding when they work with young children who get the chance to hear for the first time. 

8. Computer Hardware Engineer

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Hardware engineers design and develop computer equipment and research the latest ways to improve technology. For over $110,000 you can spend your time working on stress-free projects for commercial businesses, private companies, the military, and government organizations. If you are highly-skilled you can work for some of the best agencies around the world on high-profile projects. 

9. Art Director

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If you are creative and want to work in the arts sector but want a steady income that being an artist doesn’t always bring, an art director could be the career for you. Art directors certainly have some pressure to put on a good event or an exhibition but it is a great way to express your artistic knowledge and you will be doing a job you love so you can do it well. You can work independently and get contracts from galleries and private clients or you can work for museums to curate their latest exhibitions. 

10. Hydrologist

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A hydrologist earns an average of $83,440 for studying how water moves through the earth’s crust. Their expertise is used to research how best to prevent problems and ensure that there is good water quality for everyone. As a well-trained expert, you can enjoy stress-free research and will be safe in the knowledge you are helping the world. 

11. Software Developer

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Software developers have an exciting career working to create computer applications, whether it be for people’s business or pleasure. You can earn around $100,000 to design software solutions, state-of-the-art solutions, the most creative gaming programs and much more all doing the things that you love. 

12. Astronomer

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An astronomer sounds like it will be a stressful role but the truth is you are working every day doing something that you love. There will be long hours to put in at night time but the thrill that you will get from observing and researching astronomical phenomena is worth an ounce of stress that might arise. For an average of $110,220, you will be paid handsomely for our dream role. 

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