Love, Betrayal, and a Classic Car: Man Takes Legal Action Against Girlfriend Over Impala Project’s Shocking Fate in the Scrapyard

By Emma Williams

A man ended up suing his girlfriend after she purposefully had his 1967 Impala project taken to a nearby scrapyard.

The Impala

Car using turn signal
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In February of 2019 a man had bought a four door 1967 Impala. After buying his first house that came with a two car garage, he moved the car in. Starting to tear it down for a complete restoration.

The Garage was Full

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He kept the body in one bay and the chassis in another. With the whole garage being filled with parts for the car. But then problems arose after his girlfriend moved into his house with him.

Hating The Car

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For the entirety of her time living there she has hated the car. Wanting to park her car in the garage instead. However the property had two acres of land with places to park under shady trees. He told her that the Impala wasn’t something he could just throw back together quickly. As it would take some time to restore.

Out Of Town

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He ended up going out of town on a business trip for the small local company he worked for. When he returned he thought everything was fine. With his girlfriend being all smiles after his return. Little did he know it was not.

Welcome Home

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When he returned his girlfriend started making him food all the time. As well as doing all the chores around the house. He thought that maybe she was just happy to have him back home. That’s when he realized her car wasn’t parked in its usual spot.


driving car
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When inquiring about where she parked she told him not to worry about it. Stating that she parked in the garage. When he asked how she took him to show him that she had hired some guys to come over to his house while he was gone. Taking everything related to the car including the drivetrain, body, and chassis with all the other parts to the local scrapyard.


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He was dumbfounded to say the least. He had spent over eleven thousand dollars on that car. Including new parts, services, and the car itself. He told her that he would be taking her to court over this matter. She didn’t believe him, blowing him off claiming he was being dramatic.


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He told her things between them were over and that she needed to pack her things and leave. He ended up getting a lawyer, still having the receipts to everything he purchased with all the money he spent. Including footage of her letting the guys she hired into his home. Taking everything. With all of this evidence he believed he could win the case.

Police Report

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He went to his local police station. Filing an official report against her for grand larceny and grand theft auto. After showing them the evidence police informed him they will be speaking with all other parties involved and that they would try and recover some if not all of the car. Telling him to just be patient.

Car Found

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The story had a happy ending after he lets readers know that the car has been found. When the police went to question the guys working at the junkyard, they found the car on a forklift. With the guys planning to hide the car among others already there. They lied to police at first claiming they owned the car and had the title to it. But police were able to match the vin on the chassis and body to the vin on his title. With one of the crew members being put under arrest.

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