Good Riddance, Legal Nonsense: 10 Things That Should Be BANNED Before They Cause More Eyebrow Raises

By Krystal Brown

Is there something that annoys you so much that you wish it was illegal? We take a look at 10 legal things that should be banned ASAP.


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Fireworks are so much fun for many humans but people with noise sensitivities and pets don’t find them enjoyable. As well as loud fireworks being uncomfortable for some people and pets, they can be very dangerous and account for thousands of fire brigade callouts each year. Many countries are looking to ban fireworks for personal use and for many people, this could not come sooner. 

Politicians Who Lie

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We think the whole world would rejoice in lying politicians being made illegal. When politicians lie just to get votes it is infuriating. The reward lying politicians get is to have power over us all and, frankly, it needs to stop. When so many people benefit from politicians deceiving and manipulating people for financial gain it is going to be an uphill struggle. 

Child Beauty Pageants

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Child beauty pageants stopped being cute decades ago and now are just a place of exploitation and bullying. While beauty pageants, in general, are frowned upon for their stereotypical ways, at least adult versions have some form of consent. Children often have no choice but to take part in pageants, especially when they are babies and toddlers. Some call it child abuse, which is a strong allegation and some just think that children need a break from their pushy parents, either way, it should be made illegal.

Loud Commercials

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Why do TV stations put the sound up super loud whenever a commercial comes on? The noise increase that aims to grab your attention needs to be illegal. The most frustrating part is that we question how effective TV advertising is when people play tricks on us like this as most people turn the volume down or exit the room at the first sign of a commercial.

Bots Buying Concert Tickets

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Fans wait months, even years, for their favorite artists to tour and excitement levels are through the roof when tour tickets go on sale. It is more frustrating than when touts and bots buy up all of the tickets within seconds of them going on sale. If this wasn’t annoying enough they then put the tickets up for resale at an extortionate cost. Fans around the world are pleading for the activity to stop as no matter how hard ticket sales businesses try, they cannot control this immoral behavior. 

Using Cell Phones at Concerts

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Speaking of concerts, people who spend hundreds of dollars for tickets then go on to look at the concert on their phones all evening. People who are excited to see their favorite band want to enjoy the experience through their own eyes rather than on the screens of the hundreds of cell phones that are thrust into their faces. The saddest part is, when the videos are played back they are not the best quality so are pointless anyway.

The Fake X Buttons on Mobile Ads

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When all you want to do is to play the next level of Cooking Fever before your next call but the ‘x’ button on the ad takes you to the app store! Mobile ads in general need to go away for good but tricking us into thinking that we are exiting the 100th ad to pop up should be illegal. Believe us when we say that nobody wants to buy your super comfortable sneakers that have absolutely nothing to do with the game that we are playing. 


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Picture yourself sitting on your sofa with a cool drink in hand while you watch TV after a long day. Nice, isn’t it? Now imagine having to take a call from a telemarketer trying to sell you something that you don’t need. Disturbing people in their homes should be illegal and it should be illegal starting from today!

Not Posting Job Salaries

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When looking for jobs online it can be overwhelming so the last thing we need is for vague salaries to be advertised. Putting ‘competitive salary’ or ‘salary dependent on experience’ is a bluff for offering poor pay for a lot of expectations. Companies, we are collectively pleading with you to be upfront with candidates and let them know exactly what you are willing to pay someone for the job that you are advertising. 

Subscription to an Email List Without a Previous Email Confirmation

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Our inboxes are already full enough without the intrusion of newsletters that we have not signed up for. To be fair, there have been moves to decrease unsolicited mail with better GDPR processes being followed. However businesses are sneaky and somehow get into your inbox, which should be illegal. It is even more frustrating when you unsubscribe only to continue to be affected by mass marketing. 

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