10 ‘Lazy’ Habits That Actually Signal Smartness

By Krystal Brown

Do you ever wonder how some people seem to convey intelligence with ease and nonchalance? Here are 10 seemingly “lazy” habits that surprisingly radiate smartness:

Saving Grace: Excel Formulas

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Someone talked about their summer internship as a college student. They used SAP 95% of the time, imported the data into Excel, cleaned the data, and then produced reports. He mastered the procedure after the initial two weeks and built Excel formulae to do 99% of the task. He reduced a typical 9 to 5 workday to only one hour, then he took the rest of the day off. Lazy move? Brilliant all the same, especially handy when you have a lot of things to juggle at the same time.

Synchronizing All Clocks at the Same Time

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Who would have thought out such a clever trick that laziness could cause? Instead of resetting each clock individually in your home, merely trip the master fuse at midnight! It is an unusual but clever method of synchronizing all the home’s gadgets, showing once more how a little laziness may result in ingenious solutions.

Impatient Science Students

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For a scientific experiment, one of the pupils had to hold a thermometer in his hand for 20 minutes. They were not permitted to let the thermometer make contact with the ground, because this might affect the reading. The other student created a device out of lab books and paper clips to hold the thermometer in position. Their teacher congratulated them even though it didn’t seem particularly pretty. Maybe laziness should be dubbed the master of invention after all!

Warm Blank Paper

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Management requested 145 empty pages of paper from one of their interns. The intern came back with 145 pieces of “warm” blank paper. Meanwhile, the manager later learned that the trainee went to the copy machine and produced 50 blank papers. Why would you stress a poor intern in counting out 145 papers, when he can punch it in the machine and have it “photocopied?” Genius indeed!

Stocking All Items at Once

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Usually, people open a package and take each item out separately before setting it on a shelf. But, this particular stockboy, positioned the box on the top shelf, opened one of the sides, and pulled the box out. Done! Well, unless you have a thing for stress, why not?

Requesting Homework Assistance From a Smart Device

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While he made dinner, a parent left his son alone with his arithmetic homework. When he returned to check on his kid, he found him asking Alexa for homework assistance. Alexa after all claims to be an assistant, right? No one should have trouble with asking an “assistant” for assistance. Smart kid, no? Hell, we would work Alexa to her fingers if she could make the bed, do the dishes, and the laundry, and make us our favorite meal.

Constructed an Irrigation System

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One summer, a laborer had the daily responsibility of watering more than 15,000 plants while working at a nursery. She created an easy-to-use irrigation system to automate the procedure. That automated mechanism is still in place after 15 years. But sadly her invention caused her her job as she was no longer needed. If ingenuity is to be rewarded, this lady deserves a Nobel prize and not a loss of employment!

Eating From the Pot

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One Reddit member claimed they eat their home-cooked dinner right out of the pot to limit the amount of dishes to wash afterward. Think about it, Why do we even take food out of one container only to put it into another container, at the end of the day, we have two soiled containers that no one wants to wash. This family needs to be awarded for such a novel discovery. 

Weary of Climbing Hill

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Someone on Reddit and their pals always had to climb this short hill on their way home from school. It took them around 10 seconds to climb, and it wasn’t the most easy aspect of their journey. To level the hill, many of his buddies dug through it over three days. Do you call this lazy? Maybe this shouldn’t even be on this list. This is sheer hard work and determination. Imagine what it takes to dig through a hill in 3 days! We do not give enough credit to those who deserve them!

Publish an Online Manual

Image Credit: kues via DepositPhotos.com

The person in question keeps a record of all the new things they have learned. For ease of use, they mix screenshots with arrows that show where to click or input. They suppose that everyone who reads it has no idea what to do. Thus, rather than spending time with someone who asks for assistance, they direct them to their online handbook. And why would anyone tag this person as lazy? He doesn’t want to assume things. He is pretty smart and has provided a well detailed helpful guide that should be remembered for years to come!

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