10 Jobs That Are Disappearing Forever to Technology

By Krystal Brown

Technological progress and innovation have brought about the obsolescence of various professions that were once vital to society, relegating them to the annals of history

Pin Boys

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Pin boys were so crucial to the free flow of bowling games. They were saddled with the responsibility of manually resetting bowling pins and ensuring each player could proceed with the game. This physically draining process has become obsolete since the development of pin-setting machines, which automates this process by making the bowling game safer and faster than the manual ways. Tech advancement has led to the redundancy of pin-boy jobs, categorizing them as one that is lost forever to technology. 

Newspaper Delivery 

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Back in the day, newspaper delivery was once a highly cherished job that handled the free flow of information and ensured it got to people faster. These people were hired by news houses to deliver print-ready newspapers to people’s homes every morning, either through the door or by horses. The rise of the internet and digital news media, where people can get the latest news on phones, radios and television, has broken the back of this arduous job and made it outdated. 


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Before the development of computers, the job of the human-computer was an illustrious one that was done by the most intelligent people in the world. They carry out complex mathematical problems and flesh out other advanced processes that an average person can not understand. This job also has the fair share of technology that spur the development of modern computers that can carry out all these processes in a twinkle of the eye. People found the efficiency and speed of execution of modern computers intriguing that they see human-computer jobs as a waste of time.  


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This job was quite popular n the age when people started to understand the importance of the Intelligence quotient. Phrenologists as a profession paved the way for their understanding by studying the shape of e individual’s skull, looking at the contours, interpreting them and using that to determine the intelligence level of the individual using preexisting metrics. They do this with the help of a calliper to measure the head and carry out some deductions. This now-looking, funny process was a way of life to people back then, but the idea of psychological science and software development has relegated the phenology profession and is now classified as one that’s lost forever to technology. 

Lift Operators 

The lift was conceived to be one of the critical human needs when they started to build high-rise buildings with lengthy stairs that won’t be easy to climb. But the rudimentary level of engineering that was available back then makes lift manufacturing reliant on human intervention to function correctly. Here comes the work of lift operators that are required to ensure the free flow of lifts by pressing buttons and ensuring they land on the correct floor. This was a necessity in society back then, not until the development of high-tech automated lift systems that could function independently. 


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The communal nature of society back in the day required some sort of lighting, especially in commercial places. Lamplighters are extremely important to the realisation of this objective since they are the ones that will light the street lamps at night with a long pole that was attached to a light source and come back early in the morning to put the light out. This is a time-consuming task that requires significant effort. However, the development of electrical street light that comes on and off at a set time is a game changer for all, leading to the gradual demise of the lamplighter. 

Town Crier 

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Before the advent of telephones, mobile phones, radios and television, the town crier was society’s most important means of communication. A town crier can be attributed to the king’s spokesperson, whom everyone must listen to for the news he’s passing. They do this by going around the twine with a gong to shout out messages about any latest news, upcoming events, laws and other important things. Nowadays, people have forgotten them since the invention of a faster and easier means of communication that can get the news across to people in record times. Digital media eliminates the importance of this archaic process and sends it to the realm of jobs lost in the shadow of technology. 

Milk Delivery

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The importance of milk to the healthy living of society can never be overestimated. This conviction is the basis for the standardisation of the milk production system and gives rise to milk factories. But there comes the problem of milk distribution among the cities and towns, which can only be solved by milk delivery men hired by the milk factory to deliver milk in glass bottles. Milk delivery men ensure the efficient and timely distribution of milk to households daily, and they do this with horses and carts. The paradigm change with refrigeration technology and other advancements makes purchasing and storing milk easier without needing a delivery man. 

Switchboard Operators 

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Switchboard operators manually connect calls from one end to another by inserting phone plugs into the jacks. With the development of automated switchboard systems, this profession is forever dead. Automated switchboard systems handle larger phone calls simultaneously without human intervention. 

Data Entry Clerk 

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Who needs human errors when you can get error-free machines? This is the basis on which data entry clerks lost the battle with technology. This job handles data entry tasks like manually extracting, organising and loading data into the database. The development of an automated database manager system that can process large amounts of data all at once compared to the piecemeal method by humans has made days clerks’ jobs redundant. 

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