10 Items That Everyone Universally Steals – Do You?

By Krystal Brown

This collection highlights instances where societal understanding leans towards leniency in actions that might otherwise be seen as questionable.

Salad Bars  

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You are breaking no law with one nibble bite here and there on the salad bites treat served on the table. Salad bites are an appetiser served as the first course of the meal. In the past, people were aversive to taking more than one for themselves due to the feeling of guilt or fear of the unwritten rule attached to appetisers. In reality, there is no sin in taking more than one salad bar for yourself or taking it home; it is socially acceptable since no written rule forbids such an act. 

Neglected Pets 

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Homeless or neglected pets can not survive out there on their own; it is okay to steal such pets from its owner. You might be wondering if this would not boomerang into a pet-stealing syndicate. No, pets are intelligent animals with various ways of expressing themselves. For instance, a wagging tail from a dog means joy and happiness, while a sobbing look and sitting idle somewhere mean it’s homeless and needs care. So taking such a pet is no sin since you offer them a better life. 

Few Grapes   

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Taking some grapes off the seller’s shelf is not a law-breaking idea since it is socially acceptable to take some grapes for tasting before making a purchase. This is the only way to ascertain the freshness and palatability of what you are buying. With just a few looks and feeling at hand, you can not get the right blend of the grape or get the right quality you are looking for. Therefore it is socially acceptable to steal some grapes off the shelf for tasting; whether you buy it or not does not make you a thief. 


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You might come across this and not know what it is called. Ramekin is a small bakeware dish used for baking and sometimes for serving food. They are available for purchase at your local store. But why purchase something you can take from a restaurant without any consequence? This is a piece of uncommon knowledge, but you can take a ramekin plate to box up your food and go. This is usually to the delight of restaurant owners looking for people to take them. 


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Taking extra napkins from the restaurant falls into the same category as taking an extra ketchup packet. People might think taking an extra napkin might lead to embarrassment by the security at the door, but who dares hold someone for a few napkins? The social order sees napkins as a need for everyone that can be freely given to all base on their utilities. I capitalised on this scope to always take one extra napkin from every restaurant I’ve been to without anyone questioning what I’m using that for. 

Branded Pen 

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Branded pen with a company logo is another marketing strategy for companies who want to grow their reach. There is no sun taking any number of branded pens from the company since you are technically promoting their brand by using the pen. Most people have feasted on this to the delight of the company that wants to grow their reach. This is quite unconventional, but it is a highly effective means of promotion for companies. 

Office Supplies 

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Similarly to branded pens, you are breaking no less by taking office supplies like notes, staples, and pens. Many people believe that office stuff is for the taking since you are technically the owner of such, and every item is commissioned for your usage. Taking them home for your usage doesn’t fall into the prism of theft; instead, it is socially acceptable for everyone to use office supplies at their convenience since it’s a work-with-no-border type of world we live in. 

Low Hanging Fruits

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Many people see no problem taking a few oranges and other fruits that don’t belong to them. This is normal if you travel on a highway and come across any fruits. You are still under the ambit of the law to take what you can eat to quench your hunger. This might be something those that have nurseries will not agree on due to its business aspect, but on the social level, you can take as much as you can eat from anywhere you see. 

Hotel Room Toiletries

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Almost everyone is the culprit in this habit of taking bar soap and other toiletries from the hotel. Among all the complimentary items that must be present in an item room, soap and mouthwash are quite personal to some people that they take advantage of these freebies and take it all home. There is no problem since you don’t take towels that can root you out. 

Tampon and Pads 

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Tampons and pads are women’s necessities. It is a general consensus that taking sanitary pads and tampons should be socially accepted with no consequence. This is based on how important this might be for the women taking them. Who knows if she’s at the point of desperation? Therefore, taking one or two tampons or pads can not get you jail time or cause you any trouble.

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