From Floppy Disks to Dial-Up Dilemmas: Millennials Bewildered by Mysterious Relics of the 90s and Earlier!

By Krystal Brown

From the baffling world of floppy disks to the agonizingly slow dial-up internet struggles, millennials find themselves in a time warp of technological relics from the 90s and beyond!

Roller Skate That Uses A Key

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Before the invention of the contemporary locking system, roller skates were attached to your foot using a key. To attach the skates to your shoes, you would put a big metal key into the sole of each skate and twist it. Modern skates using Velcro straps have since taken the place of this painful and ineffective method.


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The telegraph, a form of communication invented in the 1800s, was used to send written messages known as telegrams. They were transmitted between two people using Morse Code, a system of dots and dashes. The telephone finally took the place of this communication device. It is seldom ever used in current times despite its technological potential.

8-Inch Floppy Disk

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Data storage back then was typically done with 8-inch floppy disks. Crazy, huh? They could only carry a little amount of data, were made of a flexible polymer with a magnetic covering, and were exceedingly slow to write to. The advent of more modern technology like CDs and memory cards has rendered these large disks obsolete.


Woman using Vending Machine
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An automat existed as a self-service cafeteria that sold a range of drinks and food. Buyers would put coins into the machines and select items that would be dispensed from several compartments. Due to the rise of fast food restaurants, these cafeterias, which were widespread in the middle of the 20th century, are now obsolete.

Pet Rock

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It was like having a “pet” that didn’t require any care or upkeep. It was only a rock that had been put in a container with air vents so it could “breathe.” Although the pet rock craze was short-lived, it has since come to symbolize the 1970s and is now regarded as one of their most absurd fashions.

Milk Chutes

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Milk chutes were popular in houses during the beginning of the 20th century. They were made out of a metal chute fastened to a building’s exterior that led into a person’s kitchen or dining area through a door at the bottom. Milk and other supplies might be delivered from an outside source without having to enter the house. Most homes now buy milk from supermarkets, making this delivery system obsolete.

Answering Machines

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Voicemail has replaced answering machines, which were common during the 1980s. When someone dialed their phone number, an answering machine message may be recorded and played again. With the advent of more advanced technology, they eventually became obsolete since they weren’t easy to use and often required maintenance.


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Before the invention of cell phones, pagers were quite popular and performed the same function. You might receive messages, often by way of a code or phone number. A specific receiver would buzz to alert you that you got a message. Pagers are no longer used due to mobile technologies.

Brownie Cameras

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Kodak introduced brownie cameras in the first decade of the 1900s, which were simple and inexpensive point-and-shoot cameras. They were very popular and many aspiring photographers used them to learn how to operate cameras. Although they are no longer produced, they nonetheless serve as timeless reminders of days gone by.

Sea Monkeys

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In the 60s and 70s, sea monkeys, which were essentially powdered eggs that hatched into small crustaceans when placed in water, were a common pet. They were advertised as “instant pets” and were included with a reservoir, food, and maintenance instructions. Although they are available at present, they are not as common as they once were.

Green Stamps

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In the 50s and 60s, businesses employed a form of loyalty program called Green Stamps. Customers would get little paper stamps bearing images of fruits or animals, which they could gather and redeem for goods at partner stores. Modern loyalty schemes, like gift cards and digital discounts, have subsequently taken the role of Green Stamps.

The Laser Disc

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Laser Discs were used to read data from a disc. They were popular for use at home and had better quality than VHS cassettes, but they never really took off. Nowadays, DVDs and Blu-rays have rendered them obsolete.


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In the latter half of the 1980s, the TurboGrafx-16 game console was introduced. It had outstanding visuals and was one of the earliest systems that used CD-ROM technology. Despite its advanced technology, it rapidly lost ground to Nintendo and Sega in the video game market and is now largely forgotten.

Frug Dance

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In the 1960s, the Frug was an iconic dance that featured quick arm and body motions. The moves, which included arm swings, leg kicks, and one-foot hopping, were considered daring at the time. Even though it is now largely forgotten, in the 1960s, it was a significant aspect of popular culture.

Tab Soda

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When it was first released in 1963, Tab Soda, a diet soft drink, quickly gained popularity as a diet cola in the US. It was promoted as a “diet” drink, had a distinctive flavor, and quickly gained huge popularity among those seeking to control their weight. Although tab drink is still available today, its appeal has declined as a result of greater competition from alternative diet sodas.

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