Rethinking Expenses: 17 Items That Inflation Forced Us to Reconsider!

By Krystal Brown

When you look at these things, you can’t help but wonder how much more you have to cut lose because of inflation. 

Fast Food

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Rising ingredient costs and operating expenses have slowed down the quick treats from our favorite chains. This may be the push we needed to switch to more nutritious home-cooked meals. Consider making your burgers and oven-baked fries for something better, healthier, and less expensive.

Large-Screen TVs

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With global supply chain issues and the ongoing chase for the latest innovation, that fantasy big screen for game night has grown more expensive. Consider a projector setup—it’s usually less expensive and adaptable to the size of your wall! A projector is superior to a TV since you can carry it with you everywhere you go.

Newest Tech Accessories

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Although impressive, technology is becoming more expensive due to production, import barriers, and R&D expenses. However, there is a retro allure about going back to our old favorites. Also, refurbished marketplaces provide treasures that operate well without being overly expensive. Give your pocketbook a rest and stop buying the latest electronic gadgets every year!

Designer Footwear

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Thanks to rising labor expenses, material sourcing costs, and brand markups, those desirable shoes with perfect craftsmanship now cost a lot of money. There is, however, hope in looking for off-brand gems or discounts, where style and savings meet in a joyful dance. Even the secondhand shop could have some undiscovered treasures.

Concert Tickets

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Due to artist demands, venue maintenance costs, and agents, live music events have become expensive. But the underrated local music scene may be lively and affordable. On top of that, hosting a DIY karaoke evening at home might be entertaining. You only need to play a video of your beloved concert to get started.


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Who thought the inflation crunch would affect the breakfast bowl? The culprits include rising prices for grains and packaging expenses. A wonderful, satisfying, and affordable way to start the day is with homemade granola or leftover oats. If you truly want cereal, you can also try non-name-brand varieties.

Steak Meals

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The proverbial golden goose is now a succulent steak. Our favorite carnivorous delight has become a rare luxury due to rising cattle costs, shipping, and packaging costs. But who said vegetables couldn’t play a heroic role? Exploring veggie-centric dishes like bean burritos or lentil stews might potentially introduce you to a new culinary experience without breaking the bank.


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The effervescent joy and famous red label now carry an enormous price tag. Increases in production costs, distribution fees, and sugar prices all contribute. Here’s an idea: why not experiment with homemade beverages? Waters with fruit infusions or homemade iced teas can be economical and healthy for your waistline.

Iced Pizza

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Frozen pizzas, previously the go-to option for last-minute dinners, have been impacted by the surge in meat, dairy product, and grain prices. Even though it takes more time, making your pizza at home is cheaper and offers a fresher, more customized taste. Plus, you get to make them to your taste.

Video Games

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In addition to production expenses, the current blockbuster game’s ultimate cost is also impacted by platform, marketing, and license fees. The gaming universe is huge; spending hours playing independent games or vintage classics won’t break the bank. You may even consider purchasing used games from shops at a reduced cost.

Gym Memberships

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Due to the high cost of equipment, leasing, and upkeep, modern gym facilities are no longer affordable. A combination of home workouts, outdoor activities, or participation in local sports leagues can provide cost-efficient and successful fitness alternatives. You can work out in your underwear at home as well!

Movie Tickets

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The luxurious seats and cutting-edge visuals of the theatre have come with a cost. Even though they charge a monthly subscription, streaming services provide a wide range of options and limitless viewings from the comfort of our living room. Additionally, there are no exorbitant popcorn prices!

Brand-Name Snacks

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Gourmet snacks are expensive because of additional packaging, marketing, and unusual ingredient costs. The bright side? purchasing food in bulk and seasoning at home. This results in cost savings as well as customization. What’s not to love about that?

Gourmet Coffee

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Those premium beans and barista skills don’t come cheap, particularly with the global supply and demand games at play. A great coffee maker may save you money over time and provide café-quality coffee in the convenience of your own home. Much superior to going to Starbucks.

Craft Beers

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Craft beers cost more because of unique hops, brewing techniques, and occasionally even brand appeal. Local brewers and even experimenting with home brewing kits might offer chilly pleasure without putting a frost on your cash account. You ought to try it!


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Cost increases in the fashion business are a result of labor, environmental, and material sourcing issues. Adopting a thrift culture or small wardrobes may help create unique looks while being cost-effective and ecologically conscious.

Premium Headphones

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High-end audio, noise-canceling technology, and brand names raise the bar on pricing. Researching and reading reviews might help you find lesser-known companies that offer good performance at more affordable prices. You know, AirPods aren’t everything!

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