Discovering Italy’s Wonders: An Unforgettable Family Vacation Full of History, Culture and Cuisine!

By Krystal Brown

Italy is well known for its millennial history, good food and incredible nature. Italy is a great first family holiday destination and it is a recipe for great adventure. You will be sure to have a bundle of fun and create lots of memories. 

Beaches and Water Parks 

Italy is a great place for a first family holiday if your children love swimming and water. They have some of the most beautiful beaches and best water parks. If you’re looking for beaches then you really are spoilt for choice. Between the sandy beaches that have playgrounds, restaurants and gelato kiosks, and pebble beaches which are far from civilization, you have a lot to choose from. Some of the water parks include, AquaSplash in Lignano, Acquatica Park in Milan, Mirabeach near Ravenna, AquaSplash Franciacorta in Colombaro, Aquafan in Riccione, Aquafollie in Caorle near Venice, Caribe Bay in Jesolo, and Cavour Water Park and Caveva Aquapark at Lake Garda. 

Child-Orientated Museums 

Italy has many museums that are specifically aimed for children in order to develop their interest in history, nature and science. One of the most visited museums is MUSE – Science Museum in the city of Trento. If you have older children, then the Galileo Museum in Florence might spark their interest. Other museums include; Museum of Rural Life in Grancona, Eyewear Museum in Pieve di Cadore, Museum of the Roman Centuriation in Borgoricco, and Oriental Art Museum in Venice. 

Explore Historical Figures 

There are many historical figures all over Italy that you and your children can explore, including Leonardo, Petrarch, Galileo and Titian. It’s a good way of getting your children known as authentic role models. For them, learning first hand about Italian artists and scientists and their achievements, and seeing how their work has influenced and changed human thoughts can be inspiring. 

Hike in Italy’s Nature

When visiting Italy, you don’t need to limit yourself to the main cities. You can venture further out and take your children to experience the true beauty of Italy’s nature. They have varied landscapes with some of the most amazing views. From gorges, mountains, valleys, hills, waterfalls, lakes, rivers and unique natural features. There is even a volcano that you’re able to hike to in Italy, both extinct and active. If you’re looking for more excitement then there are caves that you’re able to visit, such as Frasassi Caves which is located in the Central Italian region of the Marche. 

Discover Italy’s History 

Italy has an extensive history and there are many layers to delve into. Even taking a walk through an Italian city can give your children the chance to see how deep the local history goes by showing them archaeological excavations and historic buildings that surround them. In the city of Bergamo, you can see the Museum of the Venetian Age, you can find a Roman archaeological area which helps you see through the centuries, buildings that were erected on top of the ruins of older houses. 

Island Hop 

The two largest and most well known Italian islands are Sardinia and Sicily, but there are many more that you can discover with your children. For example, Venice is built on 118 islands which have 400 bridges connected to them and 170 canals separating them. On each island, you can experience the cultural sights, beautiful nature, great historical sights and local traditions. If you want to explore as many islands as possible, then it’s best to spend a few days in Venice. This way you can see the islands of Lido di Venezia, San Giorgio Maggiore, Pellestrina, Murano, Torcello, and Burano. 

Eat Gelato

We all know that children love ice-cream, but there is nothing better than the roots of Italy coming through in a pot of Gelato. A first family holiday to Italy just wouldn’t be complete without this added feature. You could grab some gelato and take a walk on the beach. There are also many different flavors to choose from, which means you can try each and every one! 

Visit the Ferrari Museums 

If your child is a lover of cars then Italy has some incredible car museums to visit and indulge into their passion. The Ferrari factory and Museum in Maranello is where you can spend the day enjoying all of the different models of Ferrari. 

Visit a Natural Hot Spring 

Italy has a lot of volcanoes and natural springs are something that you can come across on every corner. They are perfect for everyone in the family and they’re free! Tuscany is one of the best areas for bathing in hot springs. 

Stay in a Farm 

Italy is surrounded by countryside, and one of the best ways to take in all of the senses is by spending a night in the farm. Some farms across Italy have been turned into accommodation and are called agriturismo in Italian.