Is a Lifetime Supply Prize Really a Blessing? 10 Winners Share Their Regrets!

By Krystal Brown

There have been many cases of people winning a “lifetime supply” of products, but the reality is that the supply often doesn’t last a lifetime. Here are some examples:

A “Lifetime Supply” of M&M’s

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A woman won a “lifetime supply” of M&M’s, but she only received 52 bags, which lasted her about a year. This is a common occurrence with “lifetime supply” prizes, as companies often define “lifetime” as the winner’s lifetime or the company’s lifetime, whichever is shorter. They may also limit the amount of the product that the winner can receive each day or month.

A Lifetime Supply of Donuts

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A man won a “lifetime supply” of donuts but only received a dozen donuts daily for two years. It is important to note that “lifetime supply” prizes are often marketing gimmicks. Companies use them to generate excitement and publicity for their products when in reality, they often have small fine print that says they will give a specific amount of the item.

Free Internet

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A man said he won free dial-up internet as part of a middle school program. He says he “used it consistently for something like 10 years but at that point dial-up was so far behind Cable or DSL that I just kind of stopped using it. I honestly don’t know if it would even work anymore as I’ve had no reason to try it.” In this case, it seems that the “for life” is just as long as a product is wanted.

A “Lifetime Supply” of Chocolate Milk

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A woman won a “lifetime supply” of chocolate milk but only received 12 cartons, which lasted about a month. A “lifetime supply” of chocolate milk is a subjective term, and its meaning can vary depending on the company offering it. In general, though, it is understood to mean a significant quantity of chocolate milk that will last the winner for many years, if not their entire lifetime.

A Lifestyle Supply of Oil Changes

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A couple won a “lifetime supply” of oil changes but only received two. When entering this type of competition, you should make sure that you understand what the company defines as “lifetime” and how much of the product or service you will receive each day or month. You should also be interested in the offered product or service.


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In a competition 20 years ago, one woman won a coloring competition and won a lifetime supply of Crayola Crayons. Unlike many “lifetime supply” competitions, this person told people online, “They send me a new big box of crayons 1-2 times a year and have been doing it for 20+ years”.

Hot Dogs

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One man told online readers of a time he won a lifetime supply of hotdogs. While the competition hosts were actual to their word, there was a significant caveat. The man said he needed to collect his lifetime supply all at once. He said, “I was 30 at the time, and their figures all worked off an 80-year lifespan. 3 Hot dogs a day for 50 years works out to be 54,750 hot dogs. That’s 5,475 packs of 10. 228 cases of 24 packs, 23 boxes with 10 cases each.” It is safe to say the man needed to buy another freezer, and he also revealed he gave many away to charities and homeless shelters.


Happy Couples in Love
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A man told of his parents winning a lifetime’s worth of diapers in a parenting competition. In this case, the “lifetime supply” was three years’ worth of diapers. The man assumed that as he no longer needed diapers after three years, there was no use in a lifetime’s supply!

Slim Jim Beef Jerky

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One person won a lifetime’s supply of Slim Jim beef jerky from his local grocery store. He says, “By lifetime supply, I mean 6 huge cases of Slim Jim minis, with each case containing hundreds of them. For the first 3 months, they were my go-to snack. It got to the point where I was eating dozens of them per week. By the end of the 3rd month, I ended up sick/ puking profusely and never touched a Slim Jim again.”


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A man once won a lifetime supply of Twinkies, which translated to receiving “a couple of large boxes a month.” Things were going great until the company he won them from went bankrupt, and the new company would not honor the prize.

If you are considering entering a contest for a “lifetime supply” prize, read the fine print carefully. Ensure you understand what the company defines as “lifetime” and how much of the product you will receive each day or month. You should also ensure to be interested in the product being offered in case you actually do get a lifetime’s supply!

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