Indian Takeout Treat Turns Into Relationship Disaster When Man Tells His Girlfriend How to Eat Bread

By Emma Williams

A man headed to Reddit’s Am I The A**hole (AITA) to look for support after he seriously messed up an Indian dinner. In what should have been a lovely evening enjoying a well-deserved meal, the original poster (OP) told how chaos ensued when he told her how to eat bread properly. 

An Expensive Treat

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The OP explained how much of a treat having their favorite takeout is, telling readers that they can usually only afford one entree each and some bread to share. He went on to say that the side of bread they order is relatively small, so he tries to make the most of it by dipping his share into his entree. While the bread is pricey for its size, OP claims the entree differs from it. 

Girlfriend Dares Not To Dip 

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Readers of the post were beginning to feel sorry for the couple, hearing how their favorite meal can only be enjoyed when their budget allows, and even when they do order, it seems a measly amount. 

Things Took a Turn For The Worse

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The OP changed the mood of the post by explaining how he gets very annoyed when his girlfriend eats the bread without dipping it into her curry. When he has raised his concerns to his girlfriend, she insists that it is not his business how she eats and that he should take care of his food. 

She is Wasting Her Shared Side

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Disagreeing with his other half, the OP insisted that it is his business as she is wasting shared bread, perhaps insinuating that she is wasting good bread. While the OP “lets it go” each time they order, things came to a head recently when his girlfriend did not call her usual curry but ordered a biryani dish consisting of rice and meat. While the OP thought this was unusual, he went along with it, excited by the prospect of having the bread all to himself. 

The Girlfriend Dared to Reach for Some Bread

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All did not go to plan as the OP’s girlfriend reached for the bread to take her piece and, shock horror, ate it on its own. Becoming annoyed, the OP moved the bread away from his girlfriend, telling her she had no curry and didn’t need it. He then explained that since he has curry, he would need the bread more than her as she has rice. The girlfriend’s response was to call him a “ greedy a**hole” and walk off to their bedroom. The OP claims that he told his friends about the rift and that they are split on who has the right to be annoyed. 

She Was Eating Too Many Carbs

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The OP insisted that having bread and rice meant she would have eaten too many carbs and reached out to AITA hours later when his girlfriend was still ignoring him. Straight away, people responded to insist that his girlfriend was not being an a*hole. One reader said, “You are a gigantic AH. You don’t get to decide for someone how they eat their food. If you are splitting the bill she gets to eat some bread”. 

Lots More People Agreed

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Another person backed this point up when they said, “YTA 100%. Who cares if she eats it with the curry or not?” It seemed unanimous that people voted him the a**hole with not an ounce of support for the OP. 

Advice From Indian Readers

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To give some insight into how Indian people eat, one person said, “As an Indian, if naan and rice are scaring him, then he would be horrified to see how many carbs we eat daily.”. Another Indian food fan pointed out that he is an a**hole for getting the name of the food wrong when they said, “He’s also a huge AH for calling it “naan bread.’ It’s just naan.”. It was universally accepted that many Indians enjoy eating rice and naan together, despite what the OP thinks of how his girlfriend should and shouldn’t eat. 

Some Readers Have Huge Concerns

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Many people pointed out that there is more going on with this relationship than their eating habits. One avid reader said, “Can you imagine how he is about other things if he’s gatekeeping naan?” Many echoed this sentiment, and some called for the woman to get out of the relationship as quickly as possible. One person was brutal when they said, “If it’s not too late. 

The Controlling Behavior Needs to Stop

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Even if he says sorry he can’t all of a sudden put his true misogynistic, selfish and controlling colors back in the box. She saw them loud and clear.” In a final nail in the coffin, one reader summed up the OP by saying, “He’s greedy, controlling, entitled, judgmental, AND cheap. What a winning combo.”

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