In Defense of Moms: Double Standards in the Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Divorce Saga

By Emma Williams

After 4 years of marriage, celebrity couple Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have announced that they are getting divorced.

An ‘Amicable Split’ 

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The couple released a statement on 6th September saying they had “mutually decided to end amicably.” In a world of conscious uncoupling, keen fans were eager to see if the Jonas/Turner split would be an amicable one or full of drama. 

A Rendition of Love Letter Was Not Enough

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Rumors about the Jonas Brothers frontman and the Game of Thrones started when Jonas was pictured without his wedding ring, and the gossip mill set to work. There were attempts to quell the rumors with Jonas performing Love Letter, a song he wrote for Turner, at a recent concert and posting images of him pointedly wearing his ring on Instagram.

Turner “Partied Too Hard”

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Despite playing down the speculation about their separation, social media was full of theories about why the couple had decided to end it. Unfortunately, it was Turner who was in the firing line with a narrative of her being too busy partying to spend time with Jonas and her children.

Jonas Shouldn’t Have to “Put up with” Turner

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Talk of Turner distancing herself from her family started when she was busy filming a series for the BBC in the UK. While Turner was away, the media spoke of Jonas having to take his children on tour with him as he has them “pretty much all of the time.” For many people, it was easy to come to the conclusion that Turner is not the best mom and that Jonas should get a pat on the back for “putting up with” his wife’s behavior. For others, including us, something about that narrative is more than a little off. 

Double Standards

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While it is great that Jonas is spending a lot of time with his children, this should not come as a shock as he is a father. We wonder if it was Jonas who was out of the country and having a good time that he would be branded as being a bad dad. A woman should not be seen as less of a mom because she is not with her children 24/7.

It is called “Being a Father.”

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Support for Turner mostly came from women who pointed out the double standards that come with being a woman and a mom. In response to assertions that Jonas loved to stay at home while Turner liked to party, one woman said, “That is pretty much the job description of being a father, yes,” One fan of Turner commented online to ask, “Why do they make it sound like Sophie is a bad mother and wife, just because the kids are with him in the US while she works abroad?”

Women Can Have It All

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It should not be shocking to hear that women want to have a successful career and a healthy social life, as well as being good moms, as in the case of Turner. Turner gave birth to her first child, Willa, a second daughter, two years later before she reached 27. Turner maintained her career through her marriage and her having children, yet she still had the spotlight in her to see if she was good enough. 

There Was a Lot of Pressure

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Turner grew up in the TV industry, having started filming Game of Thrones when she was 14. She went on to marry Jonas when she was 23 and had a child two years later, which is a lot to happen in such a short space of time. It is no wonder that there are claims that Turner wants to “relive her youth,” but the reality is she just needs some downtime like every mom. 

Turner Cannot Win

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It seems that Tuner cannot win with the press as TMZ reported that Jonas was ‘less than supportive’ when Turner had her second child. The lack of support led to Turner not wanting to leave her home, which Jonas was unhappy about as he wanted to maintain their high profile. It seems then that Turner must get out of the house but cannot party too much, which shows that a lot of the time, women don’t know how they can please the press.  

We Wish the ALL Well

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Divorce documents, as seen by Today, state that “the marriage between the parties is irretrievably broken,” which is very sad. It went on to say that the couple will have“shared parental responsibility.” We can’t help but think it is sad for all parties, children included, so speculation and gossip should be put to one side. Jonas’ fans are sure to rally around him, but we hope that Turner is supported, too, as we moms need to stand together. 

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