His Sons Underwear Hygiene is Gross, but When He Refuses to Wash Them, the Mother Sides With the Son

By Emma Williams

A story posted to an online forum starts off with a story from a father. He explains that his son who is 14 has been supposedly having trouble wiping properly.

Never A Concern

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While explaining that his son has trouble wiping properly. OP (original poster) mentions that, before, this was never a concern to him. This is due to the fact that his wife usually did their laundry.


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Unfortunately for OP, his wife had become sick. Unable to do the laundry as she normally does. So OP had taken over the household chores that she used to handle. With his son doing his own set of chores while he took care of both his and his wife’s laundry.

Underwear Conundrums

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The first day that OP did laundry, he discovered something horrifying. He gagged, nearly puking over the state of his son’s underwear.

He Isn’t 3 Years-Old

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OP states that, if his son were 3 and not yet potty trained, he might understand how his son’s underwear ended up in such a state. However, his son is a healthy young man. So why his son’s underwear seemed like he never wipes after using the bathroom was beyond him.

Sitting Down

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After discovering the terrifying state of his son’s underwear, he sat him down. Talking to him about it. His son assured him he would try and do a better job. However, there was no change to come.


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For those who don’t know, a ‘bidet’ is a specialized bathroom fixture for washing your undercarriage. OP had gone to the hardware store, installing one of these in the bathroom that his son uses. Already having one of their own in OP’s bathroom.


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OP told his son he can either use the bidet or start washing his own underwear. His son claims he doesn’t know how to use the washer. Also refusing to clean his underwear by hand. As a result his son started going commando, but now the problem just moved from his underwear to his jeans.


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Due to this, the OP suggested taking his son to the doctor to see if there was something physically (or psychologically) wrong. He also made a joke saying that the next time his son’s friends were over, he would ask them if they also left their underwear in such a state.

Deal With It

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OP’s son told his mother about OP’s antics and instead of lecturing him about basic hygiene, she told OP to “just deal with it” until she got better. His son claims the bidet is gross and weird. OP disagrees and says that it is both grosser and weirder for a 14 year old to not be wiping.

Health Concerns

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A reader commented on the post concerned for his son’s health. Claiming that he knew family members who had the same kind of issues with their son. It turned out that he had some kind of bowel obstruction. And that while he was wiping, he had trouble controlling bowel movements. Causing this issue.

Appointment Made

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OP has since commented that the doctor’s appointment for his son has been made. Though he never updates on what the results were from this visit, he does say that up until this point he had no idea of this issue. Claiming that his wife never talked to him about this problem with their son.

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