10 HILARIOUS Things Moms Do That Make Us Burst Into Laughter!

By Krystal Brown

Get ready to dive into the wild and wonderful world of moms, where we uncover their hilarious and cringe-inducing moments of quirkiness and awkwardness that will have you laughing and cringing at the same time.

The Diaper Bag Hoarder

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Carrying a diaper bag that could double as a small suitcase, complete with everything but the kitchen sink. Are you sure you need three different sizes of wipes and a backup outfit for every family member?

The Nap-Time Police

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Insisting on whispering and tip-toeing around during play-dates, as if any sound louder than a mouse’s squeak will wake the sleeping baby, even though your kid is happily snoring away.

The Expert Tantrum Handler

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Dispensing unsolicited advice on how to handle tantrums, as if we haven’t already tried every trick in the book and contemplated running away to a deserted island.


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Constantly comparing diaper-changing speed, baby food recipes, or nap schedules, as if it were an Olympic sport.

Pinterest Perfectionist

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Bombarding social media with perfectly staged photos of elaborate crafts and extravagant birthday parties, making the rest of us feel like craft-challenged failures.

Spontaneous Baby Advice Dispensing

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Springing un-requested advice on unsuspecting moms in the grocery store aisle or at the park, as if they’re professional child-rearing experts.

Mysterious Snack Time Creations

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Unveiling bizarre, unidentifiable snack concoctions during playdates, making us question whether they’re secretly gourmet chefs or just playing with our taste buds.

Parenting Book Preaching

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Quoting parenting books as if they hold the holy grail of child-rearing wisdom, leaving the rest of us feeling like we skipped that chapter in the cosmic manual.

The Competitive Milestone Tracker

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Sharing a detailed account of every milestone their child achieves, making us question if our own kids will ever catch up or if they’ll be attending Harvard by age five.

The Expert Schedule Organizer

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Offering unsolicited advice on how to perfectly manage your daily routine, down to the minute, as if we have a team of personal assistants hiding in our closets.

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