Heartbreak at 30,000 Feet: Wife Discovers Husband’s Lavish Betrayal Mid-Flight

By Emma Williams

A woman abandons a trip after she finds out his husband booked first class for him and his friend while leaving her to fly in economy.


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She and her husband have not gone on a trip out of the country for years. While he goes every year with his best friend.


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Instead of ever inviting her he will only go with his best friend. His excuses to his wife being that they attend sports events together.

New Destination

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This year her husband surprises her saying that she is invited to go with them. As they were visiting a new location.


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She was very excited until she found out that he had gotten first-class seats for him and his best friend. While leaving her to fly alone in economy. She could not hold her tongue about this.


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When she questioned him about this he refused to discuss it at first. This started an argument between the two and things heated up.


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He yelled angrily at her saying that he paid for her ticket and that should be enough. Telling her she should stop acting like “royalty”.

“Economy Isn’t So Bad”

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He explained that if she thought about it, that economy-class just made sense for her. After all she didn’t work and he did. Upset, she decided not to go altogether.


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When she decided not to go he changed his tune. Begging her to go with them. She refused him, going to pick up their children from her mothers house.

Rude Messages

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Hours later his friend sent her some rude messages. He called her entitled. Saying that this was why he didn’t want him to invite her to begin with, and that her attitude proves his point.


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She did not respond to him. Instead blocking him as he grew increasingly rude towards her the last few months.


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Her husband then began to gaslight her. Telling her that she cries when they exclude her, but when he finally “decides” to include her she acts out.

Questioning Behavior

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Readers questioned the odd behavior of the “best friend”, wondering why he cared so much about the wife coming on the trip. As well as why he felt comfortable enough to send her rude messages. There’s been no update other than her responses to comments that she did not decide to change her mind. Buckled down on her decision to not go on the trip.