He Laughs at His Heartbroken Son After He Meets His Girlfriend’s Parents, but He Insists He Did Nothing Wrong

By Emma Williams

A man who is the father of a 22 year old son takes to an online community after he laughs at his son’s experience when meeting his girlfriend’s parents.

Lack Of Manners

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The father of this 22 year old has always tried to correct the manners of his son. Who constantly burps while he is eating. Causing a ruckus at the dinner table during meals.


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He has tried to explain to his son that his behavior is disgusting and unacceptable. That he should eat slower so as not to swallow air with his food However, it seems the mother of their son constantly jumps in to defend him.

Encouraging Bad Behavior

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The wife and mother of this boy always defends him. She claims that it is not his fault. That it is just “the way he is”. Almost like the popular saying of ‘boys will be boys’. This causes tension between them . As the father knows that his son can control himself. He just chooses not to.

Date Gone Wrong

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One night, his son goes out for a nice dinner with his girlfriend. Everything went the opposite of smooth sailing, as the girlfriend ripped into him that night. For context; this dinner was an important one. For he would be meeting her parents for the first time since they live in a different city away from her.

Dinner Disaster

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The family, including the son, all go to a nice restaurant for dinner that fateful night. Where everything was expected to go well. And it did at first. Up until the son’s bad habits and disgusting mannerisms kick in. Causing him to burp all the way through the dinner.

Consequences To Actions

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That night; the son came back almost in tears. He was distraught and upset with how his girlfriend had behaved toward him regarding the night’s events. She had chewed him out for his thoughtless behavior. Saying there are times for this kind of behavior, and dinner is not one of them.


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After the son had gotten home he rushed to tell his mother about it. While they talked the father who was in the room happened to overhear their conversation. Laughing and finding amusement in the entire situation. After all, he had tried to warn his son. And his son refused to listen.

What’s So Funny?

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This was a mistake on the fathers part supposedly. His wife looked up with an expression of anger. “What’s so funny?” The father was obviously not surprised by his son’s actions.

Father Reminded Them Of Sons Behavior

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The father reminded both his wife and son that he had tried to teach him. Dozens if not hundreds of times did the father attempt to instill bedside manners into his son. But his son fought him the entire way. Constantly rejecting his teachings, and his mother defending him.

Overreaction Or Underreaction?

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Once again she defended her son’s actions. Claiming that it was the girlfriend that was in the wrong. That she overreacted about his behavior. And that her husband was also wrong for laughing at his son’s experience. However, the husband fired back stating that his son was a grown man and that he had to learn the hard way.

He’s How Old?

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Over the course of the story, the father leaves out his son’s age. With most assuming that his son had to have been at least in his teens if not early teens. However, the father revealed when responding to questions that his son was in fact 22 years old.

Commenters Were Shocked

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Instantly, people decided that OP was not in the wrong. It did not take a hard debate to realize who was in the wrong. With many admitting that they too would have found it amusing, and that the son had brought it upon himself.

Sympathy For The Girlfriend

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While the wife is convinced her son can do no wrong, commenters thought differently. Rather than feeling sorry for the son in this situation, many took the side of the girlfriend. They felt sorry for her, with one commenter saying “I feel bad for the girlfriend. She obviously thought that with her parents being present he’d be on his best behavior. Sadly she now knows what his best looks like and I doubt she’s impressed.”

No Update

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There has been no update to this post at this point in time. But with his mothers constant enabling of his behavior, nobody expects him to change. Even though his father hopes this situation would finally push him in the right direction.

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