The Nagging Chronicles: 20 Habits That Will Make Your Husband Wish He Had Earplugs

By Krystal Brown

n every marriage, regardless of its duration or current stage, certain habits have the potential to grate on your husband’s nerves. While these annoyances may seem trivial in the grand scheme of things, it’s important to address them for the sake of maintaining a harmonious relationship. Join us as we delve into 20 common habits that could unintentionally irritate your spouse and explore strategies for fostering a more peaceful and fulfilling marital journey.

Acting Like He’s a Guest in Your Own Home 

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If you’re both living together (which you probably are as a married couple) then you need to both be making decisions about what goes on within the home. Acknowledging your husband will serve you well in the long run, but acting as though he’s just a visitor will make him want to contact a marriage counselor. 

Using the Whole House as a Clothing Line

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We know that there are some clothes made for women that are a little bit more delicate than clothing made for men. However, this being the reason why the entire house is being used as a clothing line will cause some contentious conversations. Even though it isn’t great to be dripped on by clothes hanging over the banister, on the wrong surfaces and also being done too much can cause structural damage, too. 

Talking About Past Relationships

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We know all too well that it can hurt when your spouse talks about an ex. We don’t want to know what went on in that past life. We do understand however that past relationship conversations are bound to happen at some point, but if you’re talking about it incessantly, then this is really going to annoy your husband. 

Taking a Long Time to Get Ready 

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Some women take a very long time to get ready, whether it’s social pressure or for a personal desire to look their best. It might not seem like a big deal when you’re getting ready, and you might even want to take longer than you already have, but your husband will definitely be less than pleased, especially if you need to be somewhere. 

Making Important Decisions Without You

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This is something that women really don’t like, when their husband makes important decisions without consulting them. It’s the same for your husband. If you’re making any big decision that should require his input, then you need to speak to him about it instead of jumping the gun before letting him know. 

Keeping the House at an Unbearable Temperature

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You’re not alone if you’re dialing up the thermostat at any opportunity. If you’re sneakily putting up the heat when your husband isn’t looking then this is going to be something you’ll probably end up discussing at couples’ therapy. Women are more comfortable at temperatures that are warmer than what males can deal with. 

No Communication When It Comes to Intimacy

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If you find yourself feeling frustrated and unsatisfied after intimate moments, it’s natural to experience annoyance throughout the day. However, it’s important to recognize that this can also impact your husband’s state of mind over time. When both partners are in sync and share a desire for a mutually fulfilling experience, there is every opportunity to enhance your intimate connection. By opening up about your preferences and needs, you can work together to create a more enjoyable and satisfying experience for both of you.

Dissing Your Body

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We know that it’s normal for couples to talk about exercise habits and diets, but if you’re spending the majority of the time criticising your body and lacking in confidence around your husband, then he might become a little bit annoyed. This is a person who loves you no matter what, and hearing you talk about hurtful things aimed at yourself isn’t going to sit well with them. 

Asking Where He is 24/7

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If there has been no reason given for you not to trust your husband, then you may be annoying him if you’re asking where he is all of the time. Even though there is definitely a bit of give and take in regards to him being forthcoming about where he is, it would understandably be irritating if he feels like he needs to explain why he’s going everywhere he’s going. 

Getting Jealous Over Platonic Relationships 

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It’s understandable to feel a bit jealous in your relationship, especially if your significant other is constantly talking about a new friend or co-worker. Don’t be surprised if you constantly ask him for details or act as if spending time with friends is akin to cheating, and ends up frustrating him. If you have platonic friends then there is no reason as to why he shouldn’t have the same. 

Insisting That He Changes 

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Every single relationship requires a bit of give and take from both sides. We know that any issues that might need working on will improve the health of your relationship. But, expecting your husband to make a complete change just because you think he should will end up annoying him, especially if they’re petty requests. 

Making Major Purchases Without Consulting Him 

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If you’re making major purchases without asking your husband, then this can come as a bit of a surprise to him. If you continue doing it over a longer period of time then he will become frustrated. It’s always best to keep your spouse in the loop about bigger purchases. 

Getting Upset When He Doesn’t Text Back Quick Enough 

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It’s less common for men to be on their phone 24/7 like women. It will become annoying for your husband to know that not replying straight away is bothering you, and it will be even worse when he does check his phone and realizes that there are tens of messages off you, he’s going to be a little bit irritated. 

Eating Off His Plate 

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Women are more likely to order from the low-calorie menu than what they actually want when visiting a restaurant. However, just because you’re not entirely happy with what you ordered, doesn’t mean that you can use your husband’s plate as an alternative. You should just order what you want in the first place to avoid annoying your hungry husband. 

Assuming That He Doesn’t Know How to Do Chores

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Women generally take the lead when it comes to household chores, but this doesn’t mean that your husband is incapable of trying. It might not be at the same standard that you do, but the fact that he has listened and tried to do something is what counts in a relationship. Making a claim that he doesn’t know how to do it because your idea is different to his can be a major source of annoyance. 

Minimizing His Feelings 

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Men can feel things too, and they can also get emotional. Shutting down how your husband feels is going to cause him to feel as if he isn’t worthy to be listened to and it will lead to arguments. Men are always told to be big and strong, so when you find a man who can show his emotions, this is a huge step forward in society. Don’t shut him down as this can be a burden to you both. 

Using a Million Pillows in Bed 

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Men don’t understand throw cushions and pillows. They simply want to use the bed for the few things it’s supposed to be used for and definitely don’t see it as a decorative statement. Having a lot of pillows on the bed is just going to cause obstacles and this will ultimately cause annoyance.

Saying That You’re Okay When You’re Obviously Not 

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There are certain circumstances that could make you not want to talk about how you’re feeling, but when you’re making it obvious that things aren’t okay, it’s going to frustrate your husband. We understand that it can be difficult to open up about how you’re feeling, but your husband is asking so he can try and help, no other reason. 

Correcting His Driving 

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Nobody likes having their driving criticized, and this goes for your husband as well. We all have different driving habits that don’t need to be pointed out, and just because your husband doesn’t drive in the same manner as you doesn’t mean that he’s doing anything wrong. It will only frustrate him and make him not want to drive you places again. 

Assuming He’s Paying 

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Everything in a relationship should be split. Whether it’s the childcare responsibilities, mortgage costs, and everything in between. So, when you go on a date night, why should you assume that he’s going to be paying? If you want a relationship that works, then it’s about sharing, and ensuring that you’re both giving equal amounts. If he pays for a date night, then maybe consider taking him out to do something that he enjoys at a later date, otherwise it will just cause annoyance. 

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