10 Habits That Get a Bad Rap but Are Actually Hilariously Harmless!

By Krystal Brown

In a world where health advice is abundant and often contradictory, it’s important to challenge common assumptions. Here are 10 habits that some people perceive as unhealthy, but may not necessarily have negative effects for everyone.


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Snacking itself isn’t inherently unhealthy. It can be a way to incorporate nutritious foods and maintain energy levels throughout the day. It becomes unhealthy when snacks are predominantly unhealthy options or when portion sizes are excessive.

Drinking Coffee

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Moderate coffee consumption can have various health benefits, including improved cognitive function and reduced risk of certain diseases. However, excessive intake or adding excessive amounts of sugar and cream can negate these benefits.

Taking Naps

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Short power naps can boost productivity, alertness, and mood. They can be particularly helpful for individuals who have irregular sleep schedules or experience midday fatigue. However, long naps or napping too close to bedtime can interfere with nighttime sleep.

Crackling Joints

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Many people crack their knuckles or other joints as a habit, and while it may be annoying to those around them, it generally doesn’t cause any significant harm or lead to arthritis. However, excessive or forceful cracking of joints can potentially cause joint strain or injury.

Occasional Indulgence

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Treating yourself to your favorite indulgent foods or desserts occasionally is not inherently unhealthy. It’s all about moderation and incorporating a balanced diet overall. Enjoying your favorite treats in moderation can actually help you stick to a healthy eating plan in the long term.

Sleeping In

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While a consistent sleep schedule is beneficial for most people, occasionally sleeping in can help replenish your energy levels and catch up on sleep deficits. Just be cautious not to disrupt your overall sleep routine too frequently.

Eating Late At Night

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The timing of meals may not have a significant impact on weight gain or overall health as long as you consume a balanced diet and maintain an appropriate calorie intake. However, it’s important to listen to your body and avoid eating excessively close to bedtime, which may disrupt sleep.

Chewing Gum

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Chewing sugar-free gum in moderation can actually have dental benefits. It stimulates saliva production, which helps wash away food particles and neutralize acid in the mouth. However, excessive gum chewing may lead to jaw discomfort or digestive issues for some individuals.

Skipping Breakfast

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Contrary to popular belief, skipping breakfast does not automatically lead to weight gain or negatively impact health. Intermittent fasting or simply not feeling hungry in the morning is perfectly fine for some individuals. It’s more important to focus on overall nutrient intake and eating patterns that work for you.

Using Smartphones Before Bed

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While exposure to blue light from screens can disrupt sleep patterns, many modern smartphones have built-in features to reduce blue light emission or enable night mode. Additionally, winding down with activities like reading on your phone can be relaxing, as long as you prioritize adequate sleep hygiene.

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