15 ANNOYING Habits in Women That Might PUSH AWAY Even the Most Devoted Men

By Krystal Brown

No relationship is perfect, and every couple has their own share of quirks and annoyances. However, some habits in women can be particularly irksome to men, and if left unchecked, can even drive them away. Here are 17 irksome habits in women that can put their relationships to the test

Inability to Forgive and Forget

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Holding onto grudges and being unable to move past disagreements or mistakes can create a toxic environment in a relationship. Men may prefer partners who are willing to forgive, work through issues, and let go of the past for the sake of a healthy, harmonious relationship.

Excessive Nagging

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Constantly nagging or being overly critical can create a negative atmosphere in a relationship. Men may prefer partners who offer constructive feedback and support rather than constant complaints.

Constantly Talking About Exes

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When on a date or in a new relationship, men prefer to focus on building a connection with the woman they are currently with. Constantly bringing up past relationships can make men feel like they are being compared or that the woman is not fully present in the moment.

Overly Emotional

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While it’s important to express emotions, men may find it overwhelming if a woman has frequent emotional outbursts over trivial matters. Emotional stability and the ability to handle everyday challenges with composure are desirable qualities for many men.

Obsession With Selfies

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Continuously taking and posting selfies can indicate a self-centered focus on appearance and validation from others. Men may feel neglected or secondary to a woman’s self-absorption, impacting the quality of the relationship.


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Men may be turned off by women who prioritize material possessions, social status, or superficial qualities over genuine connections and compatibility. They value depth and substance in a relationship.

Playing Mind Games

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Men appreciate authenticity and straightforwardness in a relationship. Women who resort to manipulative tactics or play mind games to keep a man interested can create a sense of mistrust and instability.


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Being rude to others, such as waitstaff or gossiping about people around them, reflects poorly on a person’s character. Men are generally attracted to women who show kindness, respect, and consideration towards others.

Addiction to Social Media

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A constant need for attention and validation on social media platforms can indicate a lack of present-mindedness and genuine connection in real-life interactions. Men may desire a partner who values personal moments together over seeking online validation.

Baby Voices

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Some men may find it off-putting when women use an excessively high-pitched or overly girly voice. It can come across as insincere or manipulative, undermining the authenticity of the communication.


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A self-centered attitude, where a woman consistently prioritizes her own needs and desires above those of her partner, can lead to feelings of neglect or resentment. Healthy relationships require empathy, compromise, and consideration for each other’s needs.


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While spending quality time together is crucial in a relationship, being excessively clingy or dependent can make some men feel suffocated. Maintaining a healthy balance between spending time as a couple and nurturing individual interests and friendships is important for personal growth and a thriving relationship.

Pressuring for Change

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While personal growth and self-improvement are important in any relationship, pressuring a man to change aspects of himself that he is not ready or willing to change can create resentment and strain the relationship. Healthy relationships involve mutual acceptance and support for personal development.

Being Fake

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Men value honesty and authenticity in a partner. When a woman pretends to be someone she’s not or consistently hides her true self, it can erode trust and create a sense of uncertainty about the relationship’s foundation.

Expecting Mind Reading

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Men appreciate clear and direct communication. Expecting a man to intuitively understand one’s needs and desires without clear expression can lead to misunderstandings and frustrations. Open and honest communication is key to building a strong foundation of understanding.

Poor Personal Hygiene

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Neglecting personal care, such as hygiene, grooming, or cleanliness, can be unappealing to anyone, regardless of gender. Taking care of oneself shows respect for both oneself and the partner, fostering a pleasant and attractive environment.

Sense of Entitlement

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Men appreciate mutual respect, equality, and fairness in a relationship. A woman with a sense of entitlement who expects everything to go her way without compromise or consideration for her partner’s needs may create an unhealthy dynamic that can strain the relationship.