From Cradle to Crown: The Fascinating Journey of Growing Up in a Palace and Becoming Royalty

By Krystal Brown

Growing up in the Royal palace as a child is like no other. But how unique is it? Receiving priceless gifts, resting on velvet cushions and having a Tae Kwon-Do trained nanny, it all sounds incredible, but is it what it’s made out to be? Let’s explore the realities of growing up within the palace. 

No Career Aspirations 

Most children grow up with an idea about what they want to be when they grow up. Whether it’s becoming an astronaut or a policeman. However, the royal children have no say in what they are going to do when they grow up, despite the dreams they might possess. Prince William once told his mother that he would like to be a policeman, but Harry replied saying, “Oh no, you can’t. You’ve got to be king!” 

Royal Playdates 

As a royal child, life can be quite sheltered from other children. To get them used to the general population before starting school, they have public playdates. These events are officially counted as their first “royal engagements”. This is where the children are photographed being normal children, blowing bubbles and running around. However, regardless of a playdate, they are surrounded by security. 

Taking Breaks to Live Normally

When you’re living in a palace full of everything you could ever wish for, it’s difficult to live a ‘normal’ life. However, Kate Middleton and Princess Diana both expressed the wish to have their child living as much of a ‘normal’ life as possible. Diana would often take William and Harry to Disneyland, parks and even Mcdonalds. 

Kensington Palace is the Child’s Dream 

As a child, you remember times when you wish you could live in a place that had everything. Maybe sitting alone and dreaming about living in a palace. However, Kensington Palace is exactly that. It is a place for the children to run around and be children. The palace has a railed roof garden, cast gardens, and endless hallways and rooms for games of hide-and-seek. 

They Attend Private School 

The first royal child to go to a school outside of the palace was King Charles. All of the other children before him had private tutors which would keep them from communicating to the public. Royal kids in these times have the opportunity to go to private schools where they can spend time with fellow aristocratic peers. 

Media Training

As the Royal’s are always in the public, the children have to have lessons on media training. Prince William had learnt to do the royal wave when he was just a baby, and each child is coached on how best to behave in front of the cameras. Prince William and Harry were taught this by their dad, King Charles. “William has the most amazing aplomb and sangfroid when he meets other people.” Harold Brooks-Baker, royal chronicler, told people in 1986. 

They Have Ponies 

When we think of the royal children, sometimes our minds go to the ponies, and it’s right. At Kensington Palace, there are several miniature horses which the children can take care of. At the age of 4, Prince William learn to ride horses, and Prince George started at just the age of 2. 

Private Chefs, Nannies and Maids 

Yes, that’s right. The children have their own private chefs, nannies and maids. However, this has eased up over the years. It was Princess Diana who decided that she didn’t want to hire a nanny when she was raising Prince William and Prince Harry. Although, she did have a chef to help the boys eat their vegetables. Kate Middleton does have a nanny for Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, although she prefers to do her own cooking and grocery shopping. 

No Electronics 

Most children have phones and iPads during these times, and it’s usually the first thing they want when they get home from school. However, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis do not get that privilege. It is preferred within the monarchy for the children to play with older classic toys. “They’re very much seen as Mummy and Daddy’s toys, not for children. As two people who grew up without gadgets for entertainment themselves, William and Kate are firm believers in toys, outdoor play, and encouraging an active imagination.” a source revealed.