14 Disgustingly Gross Habits That Women Keep Secret from Men

By Krystal Brown

Men are not the only ones who do gross things as we see from these 15 things that women do that men are unaware of.

Not Washing Their Bras

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Some women do not wash their bras, well at least they do not wash them regularly. This is not necessary as women are lazy, it is often because they cannot bear to be a day without their favorite bra which seems to be the only one that fits them properly.

Eaten Food From Their Bras

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On the subject of bras, some women have found food they have dropped down their bra, and rather than let it go to waste they pick it up and eat it. While you may think this is gross, ask yourself if you would waste a square of chocolate.

Took Dirty Clothes Out of The Laundry Hamper

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In a desperate attempt to find something to wear that looks good, some women will pick up clothes from the laundry hamper, smell it and iron it so they can wear it again before it is washed.

Pick Their Toenails

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Rather than go for a manicure some women will do their nails at home and some admit to picking their toenails which is very gross and may also cause harm. Nobody wants ingrown toenails so we think this is one activity that women should stop doing.

Leave Make-Up on Overnight

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When a woman is too tired to take off her make-up or she has had a little too much to drink they dare to go to bed without cleaning their face. You don’t need to tell women how gross this is as they already have so many regrets when their skin breaks out a couple of days later.

Peed in The Shower

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Rather than get out of the shower and get the bathroom floor wet, some women secretly admit to peeing in the shower. They reason that they are immediately able to wash the pee off with the flow of water but the thought makes others cringe.

Not Showering for Three Days

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A lot of women lead busy lives and some admit that they can often go 2-3 days without taking a shower. We are sure they wash the most important parts down in the sink!

Examine The Toilet

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Yes, that’s right. Before flushing, women will inspect the toilet bowl whether it is checking to see that they have a healthy poop or examining period blood to ensure that there are no clots that they need to be concerned about.

Smelled Their Farts

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Women are just as guilty as men when they smell their farts. Some may even break out in a little smile as they feel they have done a good one but this is all very discreet, of course.

Squeezing Zits

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Squeezing spots is something that most teenagers do as they reach puberty and deal with the inevitable skin breakouts. However, most of us get a spot in adulthood from time to time and women love nothing more than giving them a good old squeeze.

Use Q Tips to Get out Earwax

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Despite doctors telling us that we should never put anything down our ears, women admit that in private they stick a Q tip down to remove ear wax. This act is gross but extremely satisfying, just don’t tell the doctor.

Pick at Their Nails

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Just as women don’t have time to go to the salon they don’t always have time to go for a manicure. Instead, women will pick at their chipped nails, often leaving a trail of nail polish lying around. This habit is hard to miss as if you look at a woman’s nails and see they are looking a bit gross.

Scrapped Dirt out of Their Nails

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Speaking of nails, women also admit that they scrape dirt from under their nails with their other nails. This is a very gross habit but the dirt has to go somewhere and sometimes there is not always a nail brush at hand.

Scrape Teeth With Fingernails

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Now, this last one is very gross as we learn that some women feel the need to scrape their teeth to see what comes off. We hope that they brush their teeth too and don’t rely on their nails to get rid of dirt and plaque.

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