Google’s Most Wanted: The Hottest Celebs That Everyone’s Searching for in 2023

By Krystal Brown

Who doesn’t love to search their favorite celebrity on Google? Even though the list of most Googled celebrity changes all of the time, depending on the spotlight and gossip surrounding each one, it’s interesting to know regardless. 

Johnny Depp

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And the award for the most Googled celeb of 2023 goes to none other than Johnny Depp, the master of courtroom drama! It seems like everyone was itching to know every juicy detail of his larger-than-life defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife, Amber Heard. Move over legal thrillers, because Johnny Depp’s real-life saga had us all on the edge of our seats, searching furiously for popcorn and legal dictionaries. Who needs Netflix when you have Depp vs. Heard? Can we get a courtroom-themed spin-off, please?


Amber Heard

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And coming in hot at second place, we have Amber Heard, the queen of courtroom drama herself! While Johnny Depp may have stolen the show with his extravagant legal battle, Amber Heard held her ground and made sure she grabbed her fair share of the spotlight. Accusing Depp of domestic abuse, she turned the courtroom into a reality TV showdown, complete with drama, suspense, and a never-ending supply of he said, she said. Move aside, Law & Order, because the Depp-Heard legal saga had us all glued to our screens, waiting for the next shocking plot twist. Can we get a director’s cut with bonus behind-the-scenes footage? This legal battle deserves its own popcorn franchise!

Elon Musk

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This zany billionaire maverick had the world laughing and gasping in 2023! He splurged a mind-boggling $44 billion on Twitter, leaving us wondering if he’s planning to tweet every minute of his life. Not stopping there, he skyrocketed to the headlines with his rollercoaster ride in the cryptocurrency market, making even Wall Street traders scream, “What in the blockchain?!” And as if that wasn’t enough, he managed to multitask by welcoming twins with Shivon Zilis, his partner in crime at the mind-bending Neuralink. Talk about juggling more than just your billions!

Vladimir Putin

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Hold on to your ushankas, folks, because we have the grand master of invading headlines! This Russian president decided to shake things up and turn international relations into his personal game of Risk. With his bold move to invade Ukraine, he single-handedly reminded the world that world domination isn’t just a board game fantasy. The international community collectively gasped, scrambled for their history textbooks, and pondered what on earth prompted Putin’s wild adventure. Forget Bond villains, we now have our very own real-life Kremlin commander-in-chief, leaving us all wondering if the next headline will feature him stroking a white cat. Watch out, world, because this president knows how to keep us on our toes!

Kanye West

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Brace yourselves for the lyrical maestro and fashion extraordinaire who can’t help but steal the spotlight! In 2023, this rapper and fashion mogul had the tabloids spinning faster than his sick beats. First, he bid farewell to the Kardashian kingdom with a divorce that had us wondering if love can truly keep up with reality TV. But fear not, for he swiftly rebounded with actress Julia Fox, proving that dating rumors are like rhymes — they never skip a beat. And just when we thought the show was over, he unveiled the grand finale by tying the knot with lightning speed, leaving us all questioning if he’s trying to break some sort of marriage record to Bianca Censori. But amidst the glitz and glam, this multi-talented star also made headlines for his mental health struggles, reminding us that even the most successful artists need a little TLC. Hats off to you, rap guru, for keeping us entertained with a medley of love, fashion, and mental health. Can’t wait for the remix!

Joe Biden

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Get ready to laugh your stars and stripes off, folks, because this American politician had the world spinning like a political tornado in 2023! As the president of the United States, he had more on his plate than a Thanksgiving feast. From wrangling the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic to tackling the war in Ukraine, this leader was like a one-man circus juggling acts that would make even the most skilled acrobat dizzy. Forget popcorn, we needed a whole bucket of popcorn just to keep up with the rollercoaster ride of political drama. Can we get this president a superhero cape? Because balancing a global health crisis and international conflicts deserves some serious superpowers. Hold on tight, America, because this politician is ready to turn the Oval Office into a comedy stage!

Tom Brady

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his quarterback made retirement look like a game of hide-and-seek, leaving fans scratching their heads in confusion. After gracefully bowing out of the NFL in 2022, he must have had a sudden craving for touchdowns and post-game Gatorade showers, because he pulled off the ultimate plot twist. In a move that had fans more excited than a touchdown dance, he unretired in 2023, proving that retirement plans are about as stable as a fumble in a muddy field. Forget “The Avengers,” this quarterback is the true master of comebacks, making even the most seasoned soap opera stars raise an eyebrow. Buckle up, football fanatics, because this retirement rollercoaster is about to take us on a wild ride of touchdowns, tackles, and maybe even a few accidental trips to the hot dog stand. Let the un-retirement madness begin!


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Get ready to dance and strut in your wildest undergarments, because this Barbadian singing sensation and business maven had the world spinning on its lacy edges in 2023! Not only did she bless us with her mesmerizing voice, but she also made headlines by announcing the most fashionable bun in the oven. Yes, you heard it right, folks – she’s got a baby on the way, and we can’t wait to see if that little one inherits her killer sense of style.  With her musical prowess and business savvy, she’s proving that she’s not just a hitmaker, but also a master of fashion that’ll have us all strutting like supermodels down the grocery store aisle. So put on your best lace, crank up the music, and get ready to embrace your inner diva with this unstoppable Barbadian powerhouse!

Lady Gaga

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Lady Gaga just took us on a joyride of surprises at the 95th Academy Awards! In a move that had jaws dropping faster than a fighter jet in a dogfight, she swooped in with a surprise performance of her Oscar-nominated song “Hold My Hand” from the epic film “Top Gun: Maverick.” Talk about a tribute that soared to new heights! With a tribute  the late Tony Scott, the legendary director of the original “Top Gun,” Gaga had us reaching for the tissues and belting out power ballads like we were auditioning for the sequel. Forget turbulence, this performance caused seismic tremors of awe and admiration.

Dwayne Johnson

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Praise the silver screen, because we’ve got an absolute gem who’s dominating the Google game without a hint of scandal or misstep! This remarkable individual, known as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, has the virtual realm buzzing with pure admiration. Whether it’s his uproarious sense of humor that leaves us in stitches or his refreshingly genuine interviews that make us want to give him a virtual high-five, this man is a true treasure. Step aside, superstars, because he’s rewriting the entire script from his action-packed blockbusters to his heartwarming gestures that can thaw even the iciest of hearts. So let’s raise a virtual toast to this extraordinary individual who has us all googly-eyed and cheering for his triumphs.

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