10 Gen-Z Trends That Completely BAFFLE Boomers

By Krystal Brown

Gen-Z is the first generation to grow up with the internet and social media, and their culture is constantly evolving. As a result, there are many Gen-Z trends that Boomers just don’t get. Here are 10 of them:

Micro Tribes

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Gen Z knows what they want and they want to share it will follow Gen Z tribes who are into the same thing. This is why we see micro trends on social media, such as nice music fans (Swifties, the ARMY) and followers of fashion (normcore, cottage core). Boomers, however, do not understand why people get so obsessed with a particular group although we think they have forgotten the days of Beatlemania. 


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Speaking of trends, Boomers are scratching their heads trying to understand why TikTok is such a big thing. From their perspective, TikTok is just a bunch of kids doing silly dances that the whole world is doing so there is no uniqueness. If the dancing was too much for Boomers, you can imagine their thoughts when trends to slap tortilla wraps across people’s faces blew their little minds.

Voice Messages

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Just when Boomers got around to using text messages along came the trend to leave voice notes as text messages are so 2003! When you walk down the street and see young people talking to themselves and giggling away they are likely in a voice note marathon with their friends. Boomers can’t understand why people don’t just call one other on the phone and have a good old chat for an hour or two. 

Refusing Phone Calls

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The thought of actually sully speaking to someone on the phone is enough to send a Gen Z into a full meltdown. They cannot believe that people dial a number and speak to people when you can text, email, or send a voice note, even a Facebook Messenger text is better than conversing according to the shy Gen Z. Boomers are not giving up though and they will continue to telephone their grandkids at every opportunity.

Bad Punctuation

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It started with skipping letters to shorten words in text speak and has gotten to the point where no capital letters are used and punctuation seems to be a thing of the past. According to Gen Z, punctuating messages is seen as bad manners, especially when a period is used at the end of a message. According to Boomers, however, bad punctuation is something to be frowned upon. 

Not Wanting to Drive

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Many Gen Z are not interested in driving as they embrace the car-free lifestyle in favor of getting climate change bonus points by using public transport or, even better, riding a bicycle. One other reason people are not driving until later on is because they live a more sedentary lifestyle with much of their communication and hangouts with friends happening online. 


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Everything that Gen Z needs to have an “Aesthetic”, which is a buzzword all over social media that means that everything is nice or it looks good. The ironic thing about Boomers not quite getting Gen Z’s love of this word is that it comes from a sense of nostalgia, particularly a variety of fashion trends from the 90s.


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Boomers seem to have their heads in a spin at how Gen Z love to label themselves, whether it be their sexuality, health, learning needs, you name it. Gen Z claims that they are not labeling themselves but putting their authentic selves out for all to see. We have to agree with Gen Z on this one as there were a lot of Boomers afraid to be their real selves, some even to this day. 

Posing on Instagram

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While Boomers love to show off in a photograph it is usually on occasions when they are at an event or a wedding not when they are trying on a new dress or walking around the mall. These days, Gen Z takes photographs at every step of their journey and shares them for all to see. What is even more confusing for Boomers is when the said photographs are posted to Instagram and get deleted if they do not get enough likes. 

Avoiding Time Alone

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Boomers are infuriated by the fact that Gen Z cannot spend a second on their own. If they are not holed up in their friend’s bedroom all evening they are video calling (another pet peeve of Boomers) them. Young people won’t go to the grocery store on their own, need a freeing friend to go the bathroom with and heaven forbid that they walk into a coffee shop without their gang. Boomers, on the other hand, ooze confidence and are very happy to do things on their own with some of them rejoicing in the peace and quiet.