Belly Laughs: The Hysterical and Unfiltered Quotes Kids Have Uttered About Pregnancy!

By Krystal Brown

Children often struggle to understand the process of how moms and dads become pregnant, go through a nine-month journey, and eventually give birth. Consequently, their imaginative minds can conjure up some delightfully amusing explanations about pregnancy.

It’s So Dark 

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“I was showing my 5 year old brother my ultrasound pictures and he goes, ‘wow… it’s really dark in there.’” Yes kid, the uterus is quite dark! 

How Will the Baby Come Out? 

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Children who are expecting a new family member will have questions about where the baby is going to come out of. There is no right or wrong answer, and it all depends on the age of the child asking, it’s down to the person who is being asked on to what they decide to say. 

Can I Get Chocolate Milk?

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One mom reports, “The one cute thing was our discussion about what the baby will eat. I told her at the beginning that the baby can only drink milk. She then expressed concern that the baby will take her milk. So I explained that the baby will drink from me. She was quite impressed with that but followed it up by asking if the baby can get milk from one side and she would like hot chocolate from the other.” 

I Don’t Want a Baby on the Toilet

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Not knowing where a baby comes from for a child can be confusing, but also hilarious. A pregnant woman stated that her friend’s toddler began telling her that if she didn’t feel like “pooping out” her baby, that she could have it cut out. The toddler recommended being cut because she wouldn’t want to have a baby on the toilet. 

We Don’t Need Anymore

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A mom said, “My 7 year old niece said to me whilst I was pregnant, ‘I don’t want another cousin, we already have so many.’” 

Her Uterus is Having a Baby

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A woman’s sister was raising her 4 year old knowing proper anatomy terms. The toddler would occasionally ask, ‘What is the baby doing in your uterus?’ Whilst on a family outing, he decided to go up to a group of strangers and very happily told them, ‘Her uterus has a baby.’” 

Are You Having a Baby Too? 

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If a child knows that someone is pregnant, then they might be a bit brutal towards someone’s belly size. One woman stated that her nephew asked his uncle if he was having a baby as well, given that his belly was clearly similar in size to his pregnant wife’s. 

Let’s Cut the Baby Out 

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When waiting for a baby, it can be a very impatient time for a new sibling, or any child in the family. One woman said that her friend’s son, who was 3 at the time, asked if they were able to cut the baby out right now. He was obviously really looking forward to the arrival of the new bundle of joy.

I’ll Keep Your Baby Safe 

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During pregnancy and when the baby is born, children become little angels and say some of the sweetest things. One mom was having a moment with her sister-in-laws daughters as they went through old clothes to pass onto their cousin. One of the girls said that she would take good care of her cousin and wouldn’t allow her to go into the street. 

Driving is Not Advised 

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There is a long list of activities that aren’t recommended when you’re pregnant. However, one woman’s son is adamant that she shouldn’t be driving, just in case the baby “falls out”. We’re pretty sure that driving is completely okay to do whilst pregnant. 

Where’s the Soap? 

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We love a good baby shower. They’re great fun and bring everyone together to celebrate the new baby. A pregnant woman’s 3 year old nephew was really confused and slightly concerned about why there was no soap to be seen at the baby shower. He even asked when he would be able to wash the baby, and he was reassured that he could use his paw patrol soap… but the baby didn’t need to be washed today. 

That’s Not My Uncle’s Baby 

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It can be confusing for a young child when a woman is pregnant. One lady’s niece was excited about her new cousin, but she got confused over the fact people were saying that her aunt and uncle were having a baby. The girl would quickly jump in and say “the baby is not my uncle’s because he can’t be a daddy.”