14 Essential Skills Every Man Should Master to Embrace True Manhood

By Krystal Brown

Navigating the realm of true manhood necessitates adeptly honing these essential life skills.

1. Money Management

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Being broke is not at all a macho attribute. A dollar saved is a dollar earned, yet too many men believe that earning more money is the only means by which to advance in life. The first rule of masculinity is to manage your money well.

2. Using Every Finger

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Find a way to get all 14 bags of groceries from the vehicle to the home in a single trip. Ten fingers, fourteen bags, and one journey. That’s for you to figure out man. If you missed the point, the point is you must learn the act of taking responsibility without complaining.

3. Keeping Oneself Clean

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From Shrek to the West Virginian coal worker, certain depictions of the macho man imply that filth and grime are integral components of manhood. However, dirt has its place and time. A guy who is incapable of cleaning himself or who refuses to properly clean up is not a man. He is rather a brute.

4. Changing Your Oil

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Learning how to replace the oil in your car and perform other regular upkeep is essential if you own one. Learning to perform this task on your own might save you a lot of money over time because auto shops usually charge more for this service. Additionally, it improves your knowledge of how your car operates, which might be useful if you ever run into issues again. 

5. Grillin’ and Chillin’

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When the weather is great, there is nothing more enjoyable than grilling and relaxing. Learn how to grill; your family and friends will be grateful.

6. Keeping it Clean

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The house a man lives in speaks volumes about him. The first impression you can make as a man is how arranged your house is. Because society has mostly tied orderliness to women and chaos to men, it is quite charming to see a man who is living above the societal stereotype of disorderliness. Disorder is the last place a man should be, and a house in disarray is a man in chaos.

7. Dealing with Your Problem

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What could be more “macho” than conflict? One thing: a respectful, calm disagreement. Actively addressing issues differentiates macho men from passive-aggressive boys, particularly when they affect others.

8. Swimming

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You can’t predict when you’ll need to wade through a river or pull a baby out of a swimming pool. If you cannot swim, you’re not competent. If you’re not competent, you’re not a man.

9. Repairing a Leak

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A guy should also be able to operate a jigsaw, a caulking gun, a wrench, a shop vac, and a nail gun. Knowing how to perform simple house repairs will help you save money, give your hands some much-needed calluses, and improve your CV of masculinity.

10. Knowing Stuff

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A vital quality of a well-formed man is knowledge. One who refuses to learn can never achieve the height of masculinity. A real guy never fears learning something new, whether it’s a line from Othello or how to replace a tire. Make it a habit to learn something new every day, it passes off to others as someone who is very intentional about growth. It also makes you valuable and relevant across several indices.

11. Taking Your Loss

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Managing rejection, disappointment, and hardship with emotional maturity is easier said than done. To be a man, though, one must be able to take rejection in stride and persevere. A man must understand that losses and pain are a part of our daily lives and as such not live in the self-deceit of an ideal society. This way disappointments doesn’t come as a disappointment because he has built his mind to ward off pessimistic response to negative situations.

12. Observing The Golden Rule

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To get respect, you must first show it. Men are aware of this and adopt the Golden and Platinum Rules as their particular guiding principles. A man who practices the golden rule is considered a real man because he understands and appreciates the balance of life and the beauty of reciprocation.

13. Saying “No”

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Manly guys just say no, regardless of whether their partner is forcing them to compromise their morals and allow the child to eat Reese’s at 10 p.m. or their supervisor is asking them to perform tasks outside of their job description. Saying no is something every guy should feel at ease doing, even if Nancy Reagan came up with the idea first.

14. Getting By on Your Own in the Modern Age

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Being a man doesn’t need you to go through an audition for Alone. In today’s society, a lot of guys have to fend for themselves. That includes handling a budget spreadsheet, being able to use a stove, washing laundry, and operating a vacuum.

A great guy can stand with his to-do list completely ticked off.

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