10 Rewarding Professions You’d Enthusiastically Pursue in a Money-Free World

By Krystal Brown

If financial constraints were not an issue, many of you would have taken your dream careers, all of which are driven by your interests, passions, and desires. The joy these odd yet fulfilling careers can bring to one’s heart who genuinely loves to do them can be truly priceless. 

Hanging Out With Your Cat All Day

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Being a full-time fur parent is such a huge responsibility, but it can also be so rewarding. Cats are stress relievers, and you can literally just stay with your cat all day. But wait, there are a lot of owners who did this already. 

Do you envision opening your own business yet still having your cat by your side? Think about running a pet store so you can just have your cat within the store’s premises or perhaps a bookstore with your cat snuggled next to you at the counter or, better yet, put up a cat cafe. 

Adventure Travel Photographer

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Who does not want to travel the world? I’m pretty sure everyone loves to travel if given the chance. If your passion is photography and adventure, becoming an adventure travel photographer can be a dream come true. You would travel to breathtaking destinations, capturing awe-inspiring landscapes, cultures, and great moments of human connection. Your work can inspire others to explore the world and appreciate its beauty.


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Want to take your love for plants and animals to the next level? You can be a farmer! From simply planting in your yard a number of vegetables and spices, you can plant crops too, like potatoes, nuts, corn, radishes, and more. You can also expand and go big by planting fruit-bearing trees! Farming does not end there, as many have ventured further into raising animals like bees, chickens, ducks, fish, and other livestock. 

In farming, you need to put in a lot of sweat and dedication coupled with scientific techniques for you to successfully grow your crops and animals. Who knows, you can go big and supply restaurants and groceries soon.

Rescuing Animals

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For someone with a soft spot for stray animals, rescuing them from the streets is the best way to help them. Many of you have been doing this and adopting these strays, but rescuing every animal on the streets is another thing. You sure need a huge shelter with lots of funding to support your causes. If you have all these resources, you probably would do that on a full-time basis.

Gemstone Faceter

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While many may find this a “boring” job, there are individuals who spend their lives cutting and shaping raw gems, and they are called gemstone faceters. These people simply want to be confined in a room cutting all those gems all day and still find their job fulfilling because that is their dream job anyway. 

Food Critic

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Are you a foodie? The thought of getting invited to dine at fancy restaurants, fast-food chains, and other food service establishments is quite exciting. Imagine traveling and getting paid to eat and comment on their dishes.

Humanitarian Clown

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What comes to your mind when you think of a clown? Of course, that would be laughter and happiness. This is also the noble mission of a humanitarian clown: to bring joy and laughter to the most challenging situations. These people are performers who visit hospitals, refugee camps, and disaster-stricken areas to boost morale and uplift the spirits of those facing adversity. Your ability to spread happiness and comfort can be a source of immense fulfillment.

Teaching Children

Mother enjoying with child in kitchen
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Although this might not be very odd, only a few are gifted with the abilities and doses of patience to teach small children much more if you are a community volunteer. Teaching can be very fulfilling after seeing how your students have improved their skills and remember their lessons by heart. These teachers are truly one in a million.

Historic Buildings Preservationist

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Have you ever heard of a historic buildings preservationist? Their job is to research the history and architectural significance of a particular historic site or building. They then record their findings, which are all supported by photographs. In other words, they assess the building’s or historical landmark’s condition and work for their preservation. They also help owners in finding and securing grants, should there be a need to restore these historical landmarks.

Running a Vintage Game and Trading Card Shop

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For one who thinks about bringing the community together in a place where they can safely stay and spend some leisure time playing as well as trading cards, then this is the perfect job or business you might have in mind. It can be odd for some, but for a collector and enthusiast, this can be your taste of heaven.

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