The Boomer’s Hilariously Outdated Life Manual: From Faxing Resumes to Buying a House for $10!

By Krystal Brown

Navigating the world as a millennial often means navigating a sea of well-intentioned but outdated advice from our baby boomer counterparts. While their experiences may have shaped their perspectives, it’s important to recognize that the world has changed, and so have our challenges and opportunities. Here are some pieces of baby boomer advice that might be best left in the past:

Work Hard, Play Hard

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This mantra may have resonated in a different era, but the reality is that many millennials struggle with achieving a healthy work-life balance. Constant hustle and grind may lead to short-term gains, but long-term well-being requires a more holistic approach.

Don’t Learn From the Internet

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A reader of reddit wrote, “You will never find any information of worth on the internet.” I feel like this one is the best and worst advice I have been given at the same time.” And this is true, it is the best and worst advice to be given. The internet holds a lot of information, but at the same time, is it worthy information?

Work Harder

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A reddit user said, “You just need to work a little harder,” When I was already putting in 52 hours a week.” Another reddit user added, “And these are the same people who worked 30 hours a week, had a car, home, and baby with a lovely wife (who doesn’t work) they could come home to with dinner.”

Have Babies

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A reddit reader said, “Babies just need love, not money,” “Sorry, mom, no grandkids until I have a job with a decent paycheck and less student debt.” We completely agree. Babies need love, of course, but they are also expensive and the things they need from the moment they’re born until they turn 18, costs money. Another user said, “Love doesn’t buy diapers or food.” And that’s exactly our point.

Don’t Go to Trade School

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One mom said, “Don’t go to trade school; that’s beneath you.” And the user replied, “Thanks, mom. This film degree from a liberal arts school is really paying the bills.”

Don’t Leave

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“My friend’s dad got a fantastic job right out of college (with an unrelated bachelor’s degree) by LITERALLY GOING INTO A RANDOM BANK DOWNTOWN AND REFUSING TO LEAVE UNTIL THEY GAVE HIM A JOB. Can you even imagine? Can you??” A person said. Someone else wrote, “I can imagine being escorted out by security.”

Don’t Use the Internet to Find a Job

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“When I was in high school looking for a job, my grandmother told me to just go to places and fill out applications; she told me it was useless using the internet to look for a job. This was in 2008, and every place I checked for a job had an internet-based application.” A person on Reddit wrote. Paper applications just don’t exist anymore. Times have definitely changed for anyone looking to apply for a job.

Stop Eating Avocado

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“Housing prices wouldn’t be such an issue if I’d just stop eating smashed avocado.” Someone said, Housing prices are at an all time high, and the few dollars spent on avocados will not assist you in buying a house.

Don’t Go Into Computer Science

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“I guess I’m on the old side of the millennials, but I had numerous people tell me not to go into computer science and instead go into some other engineering field because computer scientists didn’t make good money, wasn’t a good job, not a good fit, etc. Glad I didn’t listen to any of them as I make a really good salary now. Why the heck would I take advice on entering a high-tech field from people who can barely use a computer.” It’s definitely a good thing that this person didn’t follow the advice, computer science is a good job and good field.

Learn Cursive

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“Learn cursive because you will need it when you become an adult.” A person wrote. This is quite funny because it isn’t true, writing doesn’t really matter as long as you can read it.

Get a Job

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“My mother told me to, “Just get a job. Tons of places are hiring.” This person then added, “Though she has come to understand the struggle now as she spends all day applying to jobs and not getting a single call back.” Even though a lot of people are hiring, it doesn’t mean that you fit the requirements, or that the place is actually hiring.

Stop Going Out to Brunch

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“Just stop going out to brunch, you’ll have enough money for a house deposit in no time.” This is the advice one person was given, and they explained, “Sure. Let me just pay my rent, which is at least 40% of my income. Wages have not risen for a decade, but the cost of living has sky-rocketed. Then there’s the pay I don’t see due to HECs (student loan) debt repayments, private health insurance, phone, internet, transport and groceries. Never mind that the average house price in my city is $1 million, and a 20% deposit is a requirement. I don’t think cutting out brunch a couple of times a month is going to make a difference, but thanks.”

Buy a House

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“You know, your generation doesn’t understand that you have to buy a house as young as possible to pay it off quickly.” No, old man, we get it. We’re broke, making ⅓ of what you do in the same workplace.” A reader wrote. Housing is at an ultimate high at the moment, so this advice makes no sense.

Pick Yourself Up by Your Bootstraps

“The whole pick yourself up by your bootstraps spiel. The “I started with nothing, and now I’m successful.” Someone wrote. They then added, “Great, I wish I started with nothing. I’m starting with 40,000 dollars in student loan debt and a degree everyone in my life told me to get, but no one wants, which forces me to work a job that in your day paid enough starting to support a family of four and a house and a car, but for me can barely cover rent. Yeah, I wish I was lucky enough to start with nothing.”

Be Grateful You Have a Job

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“I love being told, “be grateful you have a job!” Then they look on in horror as I explain that I can’t afford to live on my own while working over 40 hours a week. I don’t get vacations. I don’t get sick days. I get absolutely no paid time off, even for s*** like Christmas. No time to pursue things I enjoy, no money to see a doctor about my deteriorating jaw.” One person vented. Just because you have a job doesn’t mean that you’re any better in life. It’s hard and there is a financial crisis that we’re all trying to survive on a daily basis.

Be at the Top of the Phone Book

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“I founded a startup. Went to a successful business person for some advice, and he suggested changing our company name to something that starts with an ‘A’ so it appears at the beginning of the phone book. 90-minute meeting, and that’s the advice we got…” A person shared.

Just Go to College

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“Just go to college even if you don’t know what you want to do.” Someone said, However, there is a student loan debt crisis that is completely out of control, so going to college just to attend and get experience isn’t the best idea or bit of advice.

Trust the Banks

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“Trust the banks. Republicans are trying to deregulate banks to let them use customer funds to speculate on the stock market… which was a major cause of the great depression.” One person wrote.

Never Work a Day in Your Life

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“If you turn your favorite hobby into a job, you’ll never work a day in your life. I’m sure it works for some people, but I have heard so many people say that doing this has just turned their hobby into work they dread doing. When you’re forced to do something to pay for your living, it can end up becoming a chore. It’s okay to have a little separation between passion projects and careers, IMO.” Said one person. This is a controversial topic. Some people do take on a hobby as a job and they love it, but others don’t.

Take a Walk

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“Go outside, get some fresh air! Your mental illness is just in your head! Laugh and smile more, you’ll be fine. From a family member. 4 years of therapy in, and I still struggle daily.” Mental health is mental health and unfortunately, a walk just doesn’t cut it for some people. It can be a struggle every day, and the best thing for someone in a MH crisis is support from loved ones.

Ask Your Landlord for a Rent Reduction

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“You’re having trouble making your rent? Just call up the owner and ask if they can reduce it for a little while or put you on a payment plan.” One person said. This might have worked back in the day, but this person replied with, “Mom, no. Maybe that works for some people somewhere, but my owner is a huge company out of state. They don’t cut me a break out of kindness of their heart. If I’m late, they charge a fee, and if I’m still late a month later, they sue me.”

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