From Cool to Crowded: When Too Many People Embraced the Same Thing and Killed the Buzz

By Krystal Brown

The realm of trends and experiences undergoes a transformation where the initial allure and excitement give way to a crowded saturation, leaving us yearning for the untamed enjoyment of its early days.


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The joy of solitude amplifies when exploring trails, lakes, or campsites without any other souls around. However, that sense of delight quickly fades when confronted with the intrusion of someone blaring music, a crowded lake with obnoxiously loud fishermen setting up just a few feet away, or the distressing sight of graffiti and litter tarnishing a National Park, coupled with the disheartening sight of tourists taking selfies in the midst of the trail.


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The over saturation of podcasts has revealed that not every topic or celebrity necessitates the creation of a podcast. The overwhelming majority of podcasts fall into the category of being unlistenable, or fail to capture the audiences attention enough. Intriguingly, it is often the celebrity-driven podcasts that prove to be the most underwhelming, lacking in compelling content and engaging delivery.

Getting A Dog

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The prices of puppies have skyrocketed, making it incredibly challenging to find the specific breed or type of dog we desire from rescue organizations. Moreover, the exorbitant costs associated with vetting and dog food have reached unreasonable levels, leaving many questioning the justifications behind these inflated prices.

Craft Fairs

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Craft fairs, once a haven for unique handmade goods, have become increasingly inundated with a multitude of MLMs (multi-level marketing) booths. Instead of discovering unique and quirky creations attendees are now confronted with an abundance of MLM products, diluting the authentic and genuine offerings that once made craft fairs so captivating.


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The rise of Iceland as a popular tourist destination has had detrimental effects on the quality of life for residents. Soaring prices, particularly in housing due to factors like the prevalence of Airbnb, coupled with the gradual erosion of our cherished natural landmarks caused by ignorant tourists, have made it increasingly challenging for native residents l to afford a comfortable life.


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I totally get it, a solid 18-20% tip for excellent service at bars and restaurants seems reasonable. But why on earth am I expected to tip 20-30% or more when all I’m doing is picking up my food to enjoy at home or purchasing some retail goods? Is the cashier secretly moonlighting as a food critic or fashion consultant?


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A decade ago, Airbnb rentals were affordable, welcoming, and boasted stunning accommodations. However, the landscape has shifted dramatically, and the once-charming options have given way to a sea of disappointing and lackluster offerings.

Unique Names

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While having an ‘interesting’ name can be advantageous for celebrity children due to the inherent brand recognition, the necessity of making a relatively uncommon name ‘unique’ raises questions. Is it truly essential to add extra uniqueness to a name that already stands out in its rarity?

Thrift Shopping

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Thrifting was a treasure trove of incredibly affordable prices, with hidden gems waiting to be unearthed at every turn. However, the landscape has since transformed, with thrifting locations consistently bustling and items marked up to unreasonable prices, resulting in the rarity of finding something truly remarkable only once every two to three visits, if luck is on your side.


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Subscription everything…even the air we breathe. I mean, who wants to pay a monthly fee just to inhale oxygen? Can we please go back to the good old days of buying something once and enjoying it for a lifetime.

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