15 Real Female Struggles Men Will Never Understand

By Krystal Brown

No matter how hard men try, they can never fully grasp the challenges that women face in their day to day life. 

Having to Take Extra Care

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Men do not usually have to worry about walking alone at night or being on their own in a crowded room but women have to think twice all of the time. Calling a friend while walking, texting your mom to say you got home ok and constantly looking over your shoulder is not usually something men have to think about.

Wearing Heels

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There may be a few men who choose to wear high heels but they are few and far between so the majority of men will never understand how much pain women need to go through. Even a small heel can make feet feel cramped and wearing high heels is literally a balancing act. 

The Pressure to Shave Everywhere

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While some men shave their faces, women have to shave so much more. Women have so much unwanted hair everywhere and the pressure to keep up with all of the shaving is too much at times. 

Having to Conceal Tampons

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Women have to go through the ordeal of picking tampons out of their bags, concealing them up their sleeves, being quiet when they get one out in the bathroom, and making sure they don’t let people see their tampons is something women endure all of the time. 

Washing Hair

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Men can jump in the shower, shampoo, and rinse and they are done with their hair. This means they will never know the thorough process of rinsing, shampooing, conditioning, deep-conditioning, rinsing again, blow drying, and curling or straightening that women have to go through. 

Waking Up Early to Apply Make-up

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While women do not need to wear make-up, many choose to conform to beauty expectations or just because they want to look good. Even when women like to wear make-up it can be a chore getting up early every morning to put on a full face. 

Being Cat Called

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If you ask 100 men if they have ever been catcalled while walking down the street, 100 of them are likely to say no. Ask the same number of women and there will be a whole lot of nods. Men think they are being nice by paying women compliments but women think catcalling is just plain creepy. 


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Being trapped in between a man’s legs is something men don’t have to think about as another man would not dare to spread in front of another. Women, however, are often squeezed into a tiny spot while a man thinks that they own all of the space. 

Having to Wear a Bra

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Paying hundreds of dollars on contraptions to keep your breasts looking pert and smooth under clothes is not fun for women. Bras are expensive and uncomfortable and women spend the day waiting for the second they can take it off, a feeling men will never know. On a positive note, men will never experience the pure joy of taking off a bra at the end of a long day. 


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Periods and pain go hand in hand and most women would give their right arm to pass on the pain to men once in a while. As well as pain and swelling, women experience headaches, cravings, mood swings, and every other negative aspect of PMS. While many men empathize with females, they can never know what women need to go through each month. 

Curling Eyelashes

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Indeed, women don’t have to curl their eyelashes but many women want to, despite the pain. The pressure to look good to be attractive to potential dates mixed with the pressure to keep up with other women means that women feel compelled to have to pull half of their eyelashes out while they curl them. This is something that most men will never have to experience. 

Being Called Names When Standing Up for Yourself

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When a man stands up for himself he gets a pat on the back and is encouraged to continue in his assertiveness. Women, on the other hand, are told that they are bossy and called awful names, often being shunned by people who think they are above their station. 

Birth Control

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Some men may think about birth control and some would never have sex without wearing a condom but the prime responsibility for birth control usually lands on women. When in a long-term relationship it is often down to women to go to the doctors for birth control pills, remember to take them every day, and deal with the changes in hormones and moods that the pill brings. 

Being Anxious Wearing White

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As much as women try to plan around when their next period starts, sometimes they are taken by surprise most embarrassingly. When a woman leaks through her clothes when on her period, there is little room to hide. Therefore, wearing white is always a risk for women but men can wear whatever they want without worrying about the consequences. 

Long Lines in the Bathroom

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Men have it easy when going to the bathroom as they hardly ever have to queue, even in busy sports stadiums or bars. Women, however, must stand in very long lines as they wait to use the small number of cubicles provided. Women try to help one other out by being as quick as they can in the bathroom but this still leads to long delays.

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