10 Spectacular Romance-Free Movies Featuring Remarkable Female Leads

By Krystal Brown

If you’re a fan of powerful female protagonists in movies but wish to steer clear of romantic plotlines, we explore captivating films led by strong women that entirely eschew romance.


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Alien made Sigourney Weaver a household name without her having to succumb to female stereotypes of being rescued and falling in love. While there is a hint of attraction between Weaver’s Ripley character and Hicks, played by Michael Biehn, their relationship is not central to the plot and is only ever on the periphery of the action. Both men and women enjoyed seeing an androgynous character play a great role, with a great plotline and no need for a gushing romance.

Silence of The Lambs

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Jodie Foster was iconic in her role as Clarice Starling as her character was all about bringing about justice rather than worrying about her love life. FBI agent Starling has to put up with hassle from Hannibal Lector, other prison inmates, and even some of her male colleagues, but she rose to the occasion and proved that women can be just as strong as men.


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Leading female Frances McDormand plays a happily married and heavily pregnant Marge Gunderson. With her family life in perfect order, Fargo concentrates on showcasing Marge’s tenacity and strength, getting to the bottom of the zany blackmail plot. Wise and optimistic, Marge shows resilience and is not reliant on men to help her do her job properly, which ultimately leads to her tying up the many loose ends in the film. A true demonstration of a woman being able to balance a happy family with a successful career.


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Disney is renowned for featuring princesses that are rescued by princes but with Merida in Brave, they broke the mold. The story focuses on Merida’s parents trying to marry her off but she is defiant and resilient in sticking to her own choices and showcasing that women have more to offer than love and marriage.

Winter’s Bone

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Jennifer Lawrence shows that a woman can be head of the family as she is the source of her family’s strength and support in the absence of her father. She teaches her siblings how to shoot, takes care of her mother, forages for food, and chops wood all without the support of a romantic partner. Winter’s Bone is an example of women being stronger than men, which fights the stereotypes and makes it a very enjoyable viewing for women who are fed up with being the vulnerable sex in movies.


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Ryan Stone, played by Sandra Bullock is left alone in space after her shuttle explodes and she is left to fight for her life, showing courage in the face of despair. Ryan needs to survive to save herself as there is nobody to rescue her and no family to go home to. Stone shows her vulnerable side as well as her brave side, which is refreshing to see when so many movies subscribe to portraying one-dimensional women.

A League of Their Own

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A female-heavy cast of strong and independent women is what makes a league of their own a feminist movie goers’ dream. While there is subtle smattering of romance, the movie is all about women finding a place in the absence of men. It showcases Geena Davis, Madonna, and Rosie O’Donnell playing women’s baseball during WW2 which entertained just as well as men and showed just as much courage and strength.

Mad Max Fury Road

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Furiosa played by Charlize Theron is the lead in this movie as she battles to achieve her goals in the absence of being dependent on men. Some say the central themes of the movie are not about Furiosa as we see a strong woman who can be the best version of herself without a man to protect her. As she battles between tyrannical warlords a ferocious and independent woman arises.

We Need to Talk About Kevin

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Tilda Swinton played one of the best performances of her life when she took on the role of Eva Khatchadourian who is coming to terms with the difficult life of her troubled son Kevin. There is no time for romance nor no need for a man to support Eva as she explores a high range of emotions and behaviors that stem from the heavy trauma in her life. The movie, an adaptation of Lionel Shriver’s novel, is very dark and difficult to watch but is an amazing portrayal of the reality some women face in life.

Cloverfield Lane

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Mary Elizabeth Winstead won over the hearts and minds of male and female film fans. Without being too full of bravado, the central character Michelle has to come to terms with being trapped in an underground cellar after being abducted. The viewers watch her bid to escape with adoration as she works tirelessly to overcome her situation without the need to fall in love and be rescued.

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