Fathers Know Best: Father’s Sudden Revelation Puts Daughter’s Future in Jeopardy

By Emma Williams

A father wants his daughter’s fiance to know her dark secret before they get married.


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This father of a 25 year-old woman has a very good relationship with his daughter. However, there’s something that most people would turn their heads at. His daughter is a diagnosed sociopath.

Odd Behavior

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From a young age she exhibited odd, disturbing behavior. After a serious incident of abuse towards her younger sister he realized she needed professional help.


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Through her elementary years she struggled heavily. Getting into trouble in school for lying, cruelty, and other types of misbehavior.


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With an enormous amount of therapy and support this behavior minimized as she got older. At 18 she received her ASPD diagnosis.

Bright Future

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After her aggressive behavior was tamed her following years were more fruitful. She was law-abiding, got a decent job and a good education. With many good friendships and admirers.


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She has a boyfriend who she has been dating for about a year and a half who is crazy about her. He also developed a very strong relationship with him as they spent more time together.


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As great a guy as her boyfriend is, he doubts that his daughter loves him. They’ve had some very honest and in-depth discussions about her mental health since her diagnosis. She has been open with him about the fact she can not feel love or empathy towards anyone, even family.


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He has seen her put on an act before when she acted sad over the death of a close friend of hers at a funeral. In private she confessed she felt very neutral about the whole thing.

Lack Of Guilt

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She has also admitted to him that she’s never felt guilty for anything that she has done. Not knowing what it actually feels like.

No Idea

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Her boyfriend who he thought was going to propose soon had no idea about her diagnosis. She’s been very upfront with her father that she did not plan on telling him. Thinking it would scare him away if she did.

The Right To Know

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Well her father believed that he had a right to know about and consider this. Telling her she needs to tell him the truth before they get married. Or that he will.

“You Won’t”

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Whenever he would explain that if she did not tell him he would, she would reply with “I know you wouldn’t dare.” However, he explained he would feel awful if they got married and he had no idea.

No Update

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There was no update to this story. With no one knowing whether or not he actually ended up telling her boyfriend or not. Most commenters did encourage him to, saying that their partners not being able to feel “real” love would be a deal breaker.