Unmasking Fake Friends: 12 Ways to Spot Them Before It’s Too Late!

By Krystal Brown

Valuing friendships is one of the most important traits of life. But not trusting your gut feelings and being friends with fake people will leave you drained instead of satisfied. If you’re worried about hanging out with fake friends and get a constant feeling someone is not right for you, we’ve got you covered. We will discuss some subtle signs to tell if your friends are fake.

They Always Need Attention

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While it’s good to hang out in groups, a sign of fake friends is that they might not like that you talk to others. People need to understand that we have friends for different phases of life, and nobody can take anyone else’s space. But fake friends often need your attention and don’t want you to share your stories with anyone else. If you do so, they will feel jealous.

They Don’t Apologize for Their Mistakes

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Friends can make mistakes, but the real ones will realize them and be apologetic for their actions. On the other hand, if your fake friends make a mistake, their egoistic and intimidating nature will never let them apologize for it. Even if you tell them, they will try to distract you from the topic. Otherwise, they will laugh at the situation and make you feel sorry for feeling too much for the situation.

They Never Keep Promises

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One of the biggest signs of fake friends is that they never keep their promises. When we share some personal things with our friends, we don’t expect them to share it with others. Fake friends will take your weak points as a chance. Even if you tell them not to share a story, they will not keep their promise.

They Make You Embarrassed in Front of Others

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Fake friends don’t like other people respecting you. So, they will come up with an old story of yours and tell it in such a way that it makes you embarrassed in front of a group. Also, their trick is to tell stories in a funny manner so that they can justify the situation by saying that they only wanted to have fun.

They Compete With You

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Competition in friendship is the worst. The thing is, fake friends will compete in little things, which will make you confused about whether they’re really trying to compete with you. You can note it in little things, like they will want to look better than you at a party. Or, they might make you feel as if they’re the bigger person in a conversation.

They Make You Insecure

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Fake friends will try to transfer their own insecurities to you. For example, they will say something bad whenever you come out wearing your favorite dress. They will body shame you and make you feel you’re not good enough. All these things will make you feel bad about yourself. Real friends tend to boost your confidence and make you feel good about yourself the way you are.

They Don’t Support You

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If you share your achievements with a real friend, they will get excited and appreciate you, no matter how small it is.

On the other hand, a fake friend will get jealous. They will not feel good about you achieving and doing good in life. So, even if you share something with them, they will try to put you down so that you don’t do good in life.

They Drain Your Energy

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One of the best things about being with real friends is that they make you feel good while being with them and afterward.

So, if you feel drained after hanging out with friends and don’t feel good, you should trust your gut feelings. If you don’t feel happy and satisfied after being with your friends, you need better friends.

They Emotionally Blackmail You

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Emotional blackmail is the best tool for fake friends. Friends should also understand that everyone needs their personal space, and they should respect their boundaries.

If you say “no” to a fake friend, they will blackmail you emotionally. They also try to intimidate their friends by acting like the victim.

They Only Benefit Themselves

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When it comes to friendships, you need to be selfless sometimes. If your friends only do things that benefit them, they’re not your real friends.

Even when you ask for small favors, your fake friends will never do them. But when it comes to them needing help, they will constantly reach out to you.

They Always Agree With You

This one might seem a bit wrong, but yes, fake friends always agree with you.

The purpose of sharing your problems with friends is to find a better solution. If you’re already facing a problem and are wrong, your fake friends won’t tell you that. Real friends are the ones who highlight your flaws in front of you and guide you to being a better person.

They Talk Bad Behind Your Back

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Backbiting and talking to others behind your back is one of the biggest indicators of fake friends.

Real friends will only share good things about you in front of others. It is because they don’t like other people judging you through them. On the other hand, fake friends don’t like people respecting you. So, they will talk behind your back to make your value less in front of others.