10 Irresistible Yet Questionable Purchases People Keep Making

By Krystal Brown

In a world filled with tempting yet questionable purchases, people often find themselves succumbing to irrational spending habits on items ranging from luxury dog treats to oversized TVs.

Sport Cars

driving car
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The constant buzz around sports cars has been a sense of excitement for many that most people can go all out to purchase one. If you ask them what’s the excitement about and why it is more interesting than the other cars, most would have no tangible reasons other than the engine’s roar and the life-threatening ability to speed faster than the other cars. These are pure dumb things that most can’t resists that have been found to suck their wallet dry. 

In-game Purchases 

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While having the best gun on your call of duty is fun, you might have to think of the real-life utility kd purchasing any virtual in-game purchases. It’s a no-brainer to drop a few dollars just to progress to the next level of a game or get the latest instruments to pass a stage. Many people have gotten addicted to this tradition which can be seen as a dumb sense of economics undermining human intelligence. 

Expensive Baby Clothes 

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Babies are adorable and deserve all love from their parents and everyone. But spending tons of dollars on expensive designer baby clothes can be borderline stupidity and dumbness because the baby will outgrow the cloth, leaving it useless and undesirable. You should look into the baby’s livelihoods when they come of age by investing that money into their college funds or getting more diapers for convenience. 

Bottled Water 

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Water is life, and it’s a gift of nature. No one should criticize the capitalist mindset of bottled water, but it seems cringy when you look at the process of making one. Do you ever think of comparing bottled water to tap water at home and seeing how dumb it is to purchase a single bottled water? Most of the time, bottled water is also sourced from the municipal tap, put into plastic bottles by the business savvy ones, and sold to the general public as the best and cleanest form of water. It’s an incomprehensible dumbness that no one seems to look at.  

Air Freshener 

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What could happen to our natural air nowadays that warrants the massive purchase of air fresheners? Such an unexplainable situation could make people mix their nature-provided air with some band of chemicals in the name of an air freshener. An average air freshener costs $5, which takes less than two weeks before it is finished, yet people still prefer to place the burden on their pocket to purchase them. You should save yourself the dumbness and get a flower or open your house window to make it smell nicer. 

Super Sizes TV 

Couples watching movie
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Technical advancements in LED TV have seen the production of super-size televisions ranging from 55 inches upward. People are buying into the stupid hype of creating a cinema experience at home by purchasing large inches of television just to immerse in the experience. The unreasonable thought of seeing every pore of the actor’s face is borderline laughable because moderate-sized television can offer you the same image quality without breaking the bank. 

Fad Diet 

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The widespread obsession with specialised diets by people has created an unending market for new diets that pops up every day. These diets promise heaven and earth and how easy it will make you healthy. Some even come with special pricey food that was assumed to give faster results. All these are leak fooling at its finest, and it perpetuate another medium irresistible dumb purchase. Most have forgotten that a healthy balanced diet and exercise are simple tricks to healthy living. You can get some free diet recipes online to save costs and reduce your calories. 

Subscription Boxes

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Subscription boxes prey on people’s obsession with the thrilling experience of unboxing every month. Yes, you’ll get new boxes at your doorstep every month for some charges. But ask yourself how many items in the box are daily necessities. While it’s good to spice up the living, the face still stands that it’s a dumb purchase because an unending sequence of boxes might lead to a cycle of collecting items you don’t need. 

Designer Dog Food

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Dogs are interesting pets that deserve attention and quality food. But in the quest to satisfy our fluffy friends, we tend to get carried into the buzz of getting gourmet pet treats like truffles flavoured bones, salmon pate, or gluten-free organic nibbles. These are premium-looking treats in our eyes, but dogs are not humans that place importance on hype. Most pets are better off eating simpler and inexpensive treats. 

Laundry Junks 

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Expansive collections for laundry junks like dryer sheets, fabric softeners, and others are merely industry-crafted dumb purchases that are there to finesse you of your hard-earned money. They are mere aesthetic pieces that have no significant impact on the outcome of your laundry operation. Plenty of cheap homemade laundry detergents online are more effective than any of the junk could ever be. You can also get a reusable dryer ball to replace the dryer sheet, or you should skip using any dryer sheet since you have another option of conventional line drying. 

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