Dine at Your Own Risk: The Restaurant That’s Charging Extra for Parenting Missteps

By Emma Williams

A restaurant in Georgia has sparked a debate after announcing that it will charge customers extra if their children cannot behave. The restaurant, called Toccoa River Restaurant, posted a sign on its door that states: “We will be charging a $10 surcharge for every child that cannot behave. This is not a joke. We are tired of dealing with unruly children and their parents who do nothing about it.”

The Details are on The Menu

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The Toccoa River menu states an Adult surcharge: For adults unable to parent $$$. Be respectful to staff, property, and self. No respect, no service. Commenting online, one person responded to a post about the story, saying, “The only change I would make to the second line: Be respectful to staff, property, yourself, and others. No respect, no service.”

It is Necessary to Support Staff

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The restaurant’s policy has divided public opinion. Some people support the policy, arguing that it is a necessary measure to protect other diners and staff. Others have criticized the policy, arguing that it is unfair and discriminatory.

There Are Arguments in Favor of the Policy

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Those who support the policy argue that it is a necessary measure to protect other diners and staff from unruly children. They point out that some children can be very disruptive and that their behavior can ruin the dining experience for other customers. They also argue that staff should not have to deal with unruly children and that the surcharge is a way to deter parents from bringing their misbehaving children to the restaurant.

Many Are Against the Policy

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Those who criticize the policy argue that it is unfair and discriminatory. They point out that not all parents are able to control their children’s behavior and that some children may have special needs that make it difficult for them to behave appropriately. They also argue that the surcharge could disproportionately affect low-income families.

The Restaurant Enforces Other Charges

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On Reddit, one person who was familiar with the restaurant told readers that it has other charges that they feel are unfair. It is believed there is also a $3 surcharge for sharing meals and a 20 percent gratuity for parties over six, which is a common policy in restaurants.

There Should be Other Solutions

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Some people have suggested that the restaurant should offer other solutions for dealing with unruly children, such as providing a play area or hiring a childcare attendant. Others have suggested that the restaurant should simply ban unruly children from the restaurant altogether.

A Controversial Policy

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The Toccoa River Restaurant’s policy is a controversial one. There are valid arguments to be made on both sides of the debate. It is important to note that the restaurant is a private business and has the right to set its own policies. However, it is also important to consider the potential impact of the policy on customers and staff.

Toccoa River is Not The First Restaurant to Implement the Policy

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It is important to note that the Toccoa River Restaurant is one of many restaurants implementing a policy like this. In recent years, there has been a growing trend of restaurants and other businesses charging customers extra for poor parenting. This trend is likely due to a number of factors, including the rising cost of living, the increasing demands of customer service, and the growing frustration of business owners and staff with unruly children.

Businesses Need to Accommodate Families

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It is also important to note that the debate over this issue is not just about restaurants. There is a larger debate about the role of parents in society and the responsibility of businesses to accommodate families. Some people believe that parents are solely responsible for their children’s behavior and that businesses should not have to accommodate misbehaving children. Others believe that businesses are responsible for creating a welcoming environment for all customers, including families with children.

There Were Some People Who Agreed with the Policy

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While there was a lot of resistance to the policy, some commentators thought the restaurant had come up with a great idea. One person said, “I truly love the thought.” However, they said, “ The only problem I see is the “slippery slope. “You have to be careful not to racially/economically profile.” Another person who noisy children seemingly disheartened in restaurants wrote, “I would go to that restaurant if for no other reason than to support them for doing that.”

Think of the Community as a Whole

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Ultimately, it is up to each individual business to decide whether or not to implement a policy like this. However, it is important for businesses to carefully consider the potential impact of such a policy on customers, staff, and the community.

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