10 CRUCIAL Things People Do To Have SUCCESSFUL Relationships

By Krystal Brown

If you’re itching for a relationship with real staying power, it’s high time you peered into the playbook of accomplished couples. Join us on a journey from A to Z as we dissect the 10 tried-and-true strategies that individuals employ to pave the way for prosperous relationships.


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The ability to say sorry when you have done something to hurt your partner is essential in a relationship. Bickering and arguing all day every day is not something any couple wants to waste their time doing and when one or both partners are stubborn there is no chance of long-term resolutions. 

Go to Bed Together

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We are not talking about being intimate every night but taking the time to finish off the day together in bed is important. This is especially important if you both have busy days and relaxing in bed, whether it be chatting, reading together, or having a cuddle is an important bonding opportunity in an otherwise hectic time. If you have argued during the daytime, making up at night time can reset the day and will not allow resentment to continue into the next day.


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Loving someone means forgiving them when they have done wrong. If a partner has done something significant then it may not be as easy as saying sorry but you always want to maintain trust in a relationship, however which way you get there. If you find that you cannot forgive your partner and you are holding a grudge then the relationship will struggle to thrive. 

Talk to Each Other

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Talk, talk and more talk is the key to any great relationship. It is so important for couples to talk through their differences as well as communicate on a fun level about the things they like and dislike, how their day was, and what their hopes are for the future. When we talk through the everyday stuff it is easier to be able to open up about the difficult things when they arise. 

Not Afraid to Argue

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Fighting with your loved one isn’t always a bad thing. Granted, if you are arguing all of the time and there is little affection in the relationship then there are big problems to fix. However, from time to time it is normal to get annoyed or frustrated by our partners, we are human after all, and it is good to get that annoyance out of your system. When couples never argue, there Amy be some underlying resentment that should not be allowed to simmer. 

Self Care

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If we want to have a healthy relationship with someone then we need to have a healthy relationship with ourselves. Taking time out to look after yourself, whether it be going to the gym, a day at a spa, or a night out with your friends, it is important to get some alone time and feel comfortable when your partner does the same. 

Keep the Past in the Past

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Talking about our exes will come up from time to time, especially if we have spent a lot of time with them or have a family with them. However, to constantly talk about the good times you had with your ex and compare them to the relationship you are in now is not healthy. Speaking of the past being in the past, it is important not to dig up old arguments or things that your partner has done to hurt you to score points in current arguments. 

Don’t Compare

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Your relationship is unique to you so you should not compare it to anyone else’s. Yes, your best friends from college may appear to be sickly in love all of these years later and your parents have never argued more than one day in their whole lives, but they are not you. Comparing your relationship to someone else’s is not healthy as it takes time away from the effort that you need to put into your relationship. 

Enjoy Each Other’s Company

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Life can be so hectic at times and it can be difficult to find time together amidst work, the kids, chores, and seeing family, but you should try and make time for one other. Book a date night at least once a month, even if it is staying at home for a movie night when the kids are at their grandparents. If things feel a little less fun than they uses to be you can try a new hobby together or perhaps a trip away just for yourselves. 

Ask for Help

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Sometimes counseling or marital support can help keep a relationship on track when things are not working out. Asking for help is never a sign of weakness, rather it is a mature way to show that you care about your relationship. With these top tips on how to enjoy a successful relationship, we are sure that you are your loved one will enjoy many happy years together. 

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